Welcome to my website

Welcome to www.plays-r-ussell.com the home of assemblies and class plays for children and guided reading play scripts for primary and secondary schools

Whats special about my site

  1. My assembly and class play scripts are written by a teacher for teachers at both primary and secondary level
  2. The service I offer is highly personalized – I deal with each customer as an individual – all enquiries answered within 24 hours
  3. A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One (KS1) and Two (KS2), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  4. We can provide ready to perform  school assemblies on a vast range of topics

My scripts offer:

  • A lively and entertaining way to deliver the school curriculum.
  • A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One  (KS1) and Two (KS2) and Three (KS3), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  • The total involvement of all children and young actors in drama – presenting opportunities both for reading and acting out play scripts allowing further discussion.
  • Participation in school drama increases the confidence of children in speaking out.
  • Different viewpoints can easily be presented through school theatre and the coverage of sensitive issues can be dealt with in a non-threatening way.
  • Role play opportunities in drama scripts bring characters alive.


  • Assemblies and Class Plays – Based on a class of 30.  Suitable for performing within the classroom or in front of the school. Ready to deliver, with suggested songs, props and production notes.
  • Guided Reading playscripts– Set of 5 ‘mini plays’ with 6 speakers each, plus quizzes.
  • Performance Poems – To read in groups in class, or as whole class performance.
  • Lecture service – This is a new section – happy to lecture anywhere in Hampshire!