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The home of school assemblies and class plays for children (KS1 and KS2) and guided reading play scripts for primary and secondary schools. Scroll down for topical suggestions or click on my plays above for the full catalogue.

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Latest addition to website – Key Stage One Colours Assembly

Welcome back to second half of term! Thoughts are naturally turning towards that summer break – but you may just want to round term off with a fun leavers’ assembly for year 6s.
The following is a list of current leavers’ assemblies:

  1. Leavers Assembly for Year 6s
  2. School’s Out Leavers Assembly
  3. It’s Good to Be Me Assembly
  4. Our School’s Got Talent Leavers Assembly
  5. Olympics Leavers Assembly
  6. *World Cup Leavers Assembly – this is football World Cup not Cricket! But for those of you interested in cricket – the good news is …

Cricket Assembly (‘nod’ to World Cup) is now on! You can find it under Key Stage II Assemblies, Sports. Loved writing this! Hilarious jargon (second half of script is A-Z of Cricket-Speak) and great music (hopefully everyone knows Dreadlock Holiday – 10 CC – classic lyrics: ‘I don’t like Cricket … oh no…. I love it!)

Who Should be Our Next Prime Minister?!

I wrote this script ahead of the last General Election – obviously current candidates are a different bunch! As in real life, who would envy our narrator the task of choosing a prime minister – from a class of 30?! The choice?  Football stars, movie stars, rock stars ….. and a whole lotta girl/boy attitude between the Spice ‘lot’ and a certain Direction! Somebody needs to tell them about equality – and who better than …. S Club 7?!

With a playlist like this:

1.      Power to the People – John Lennon
2.      Get this Party Started – Pink
3.      Theme music to Dr. Who
4.      Theme music to Superman
5.      Theme music to Robin Hood
6.      Theme music to Toy Story
7.      Let it Go – Frozen movie
8.      Wannabe – Spice Girls
9.      One Way or Another – One Direction
10.   Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
11.   Happy – Pharrell Williams
12.   National Anthem – God Save the Queen
13.   S Club Party – S Club 7
How can you go wrong?!

This is a very light-hearted script – found under ‘General Election’ in KSII Assemblies – History.  The ‘possible candidates’ I have chosen are a selection of celebs – purely for entertainment sake.

For a more serious ‘take’, the script could be adapted to include a far more serious list of people either now or in the past e.g. Gandhi, King, Mandela, Mother Theresa etc.

Likewise, whilst dealing with the current topic of the election, this script could be used for citizenship because of its PSHE component – this latter could be extended by adding a section on ‘What would you change if you were prime minister?’

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes reading time; around 20 – 30 minutes including music suggestions.

Cast of 30 – easily adapted up or down; and characters replaced by children’s own choices

I am always happy to ‘write on demand’ so if you have any special requests re: scripts I haven’t hitherto thought of, let me know!

Summer Term

June 5 World Environmental Day

See ‘Environment Assembly’ and ‘Our Planet’ – available both as an assembly and as a set of guided reading play scripts -these cover 5 different habitats and the impact man has on them)

June 8 World Oceans Day

See Oceans Assembly

The following are a selection of scripts I have written, with environmental/ocean scripts highlighted.


  • Animal Alphabet Assembly
  • Life Cycles – Frog and Butterfly Assemblies
  • Nature Assembly
  • Ocean Assembly (incl. Little Mermaid)
  • Our Planet Asembly
  • Plants Assembly
  • (Plus Assemblies on Fruit and Vegetables also available)


  • Awesome Animal world Record Breakers Assembly
  • Environment Assembly
  • Evolution: Origins of Life
  • Fairer and More Sustainable World Assembly
  • Ocean Assembly (incl. Little Mermaid)
  • Our Planet
  • (Plus assemblies on the Poles and Rainforest)

And of course those Leavers’ Assemblies for the end of term!

The following are scripts on how to improve our life style – always topical!

Healthy Living!

In a bid to get our school children to live more healthily I am writing a series of assemblies/class plays on such subjects as eating and exercise. See catagory above for details

What is special about my site

  1. My school assemblies and class plays scripts are written by a teacher for teachers at both primary and secondary level
  2. The service I offer is highly personalized – I deal with each customer as an individual – all enquiries answered within 24 hours
  3. A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One (KS1) and Two (KS2), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  4. We can provide ready to perform  school assemblies on a vast range of topics

My school assemblies scripts offer:

  • A lively and entertaining way to deliver the school curriculum.
  • A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One  (KS1) and Two (KS2) and Three (KS3), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  • The total involvement of all children and young actors in drama – presenting opportunities both for reading and acting out play scripts allowing further discussion.
  • Participation in school drama increases the confidence of children in speaking out.
  • Different viewpoints can easily be presented through school theatre and the coverage of sensitive issues can be dealt with in a non-threatening way.
  • Role play opportunities in drama scripts bring characters alive.

For a quick summary of the range of my plays visit:

Topics and Themes in Alphabetical Order or  Key Dates May – Sept 2019

Category listings can be found under my plays in the Navigation bar above.

These plays can be used within the classroom as class plays; or as performance pieces i.e. in front of the school, as assemblies.
Lots of good positive advice to start us all off on the right foot for 2019!

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