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The home of school assemblies and class plays for children (KS1 and KS2) and guided reading play scripts for primary and secondary schools. Scroll down for topical suggestions or click on My Plays above for the full catalogue.

Script of the Week

Each week I will choose a play or set of plays on a particular subject and make it available, on purchase, with free performing rights benefits i.e. free word document to accompany purchased pdf script. For details of this week’s choice, read on!

Beginning of new school year – what better time than to go with positive theme of New Year Resolutions. Assemblies for these can be found in the PSHE section of this website and are listed below under Script(s) of the week.

As my Script(s) of the Week I am going to go with New Year Resolutions

  • New Year Resolutions Assembly
  • New Year Assembly


  • New Year Assembly based on Character: What it Takes to be Good! 
  • Also available: a script based on Rudyard Kipling’s If which deals with character – along with several other scripts in the PSHE section

For those of you thinking ahead to Christmas, here is a selection of class plays, assemblies and pantomimes you may want to consider:

A.      Christmas Class Plays, Assemblies and Pantomimes with cast of around 30

  • Christmas Carols Assembly
  • Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly
  • What Do You Want For Christmas Assembly
  • St. Nicholas Day Assembly – Who is the real Father Christmas?
  • Nativity Play – Welcome to Our Party – 2 versions, for Key Stage I and II;
  • Nativity Play Crisis (this one should come with a public health warning!)
  • A Christmas Carol – short play version of the original Dickens
  • The Meaning of Christmas – The Conversion of Scrooge
  • Christmas Spirit – The Conversion of Mrs Scrooge!
  • Nutcracker Christmas Assembly
  • Snow White Pantomime – special extended version of Snow White and the 22 Dwarfs – a panto with a difference! 10 – 60 mins, 30 – 60 characters!!

On being requested to extend my Snow White and the 22 Dwarfs to accommodate a year group of 60, I thought why not team those 22 dwarfs up with 22 elves – with a few reindeer (and Father Christmas) thrown in?!This is a Snow White as you’ve never seen it – twists and surprises all along the way, perhaps some of the worst jokes you’ll hear this year – and what about The Mirror … checking out Facebook!?! As the script can be used for performance of 10, 45 or 60 mins and has the option of cast size 30 or 60 this has to be one of the most versatile pantomimes around! Comprehensive Production Notes make the seemingly impossible, possible!

  • Sleeping Beauty Pantomime
  • Cinderella Christmas Play
  • Wonderful Wizard of Oz Christmas Play – if you order the Wonderful Wizard script (minus Xmas additions), you will get this one for free – as the original text has just been tweaked.
  • Fairy Tale Pantomime
  • Pinocchio Pantomime


B.       Small Cast Plays – with 6 speakers

  • Babushka A Christmas Story from Russia
  • Poinsettia A Christmas Story from Mexico


Christmas Jokes

There are plenty of scripts for earlier in the Autumn Term – e.g. Harvest Thanksgiving and Halloween. I aim to cover all topics so do let me know if there are any missing!

I am always happy to ‘write on demand’ so if you have any special requests re: scripts I haven’t hitherto thought of, let me know!

The following are scripts on how to improve our life style – always topical!

Healthy Living!

In a bid to get our school children to live more healthily I am writing a series of assemblies/class plays on such subjects as eating and exercise. See category above for details

What is special about my site

  1. My school assemblies and class plays scripts are written by a teacher for teachers at both primary and secondary level
  2. The service I offer is highly personalized – I deal with each customer as an individual – all enquiries answered within 24 hours
  3. A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One (KS1) and Two (KS2), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  4. We can provide ready to perform  school assemblies on a vast range of topics

My school assemblies scripts offer:

  • A lively and entertaining way to deliver the school curriculum.
  • A huge range of teaching material, for Key Stage One  (KS1) and Two (KS2) and Three (KS3), allowing limitless cross-curricular links.
  • The total involvement of all children and young actors in drama – presenting opportunities both for reading and acting out play scripts allowing further discussion.
  • Participation in school drama increases the confidence of children in speaking out.
  • Different viewpoints can easily be presented through school theatre and the coverage of sensitive issues can be dealt with in a non-threatening way.
  • Role play opportunities in drama scripts bring characters alive.

For a quick summary of the range of my plays visit:

Topics and Themes in Alphabetical Order or  Key Dates May – Sept 2019

Category listings can be found under my plays in the Navigation bar above.

These plays can be used within the classroom as class plays; or as performance pieces i.e. in front of the school, as assemblies.
Lots of good positive advice to start us all off on the right foot for 2019!

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