End of School Projects

End of Term Projects

  1. Environment – including scripts on Save Our Insects (see Marvellous Minibeasts) and many others are currently available  – more in the pipeline coming up!

The decision to add this category, with an environmental theme, was prompted by my recent writing of an Insects script – Marvellous Minibeasts, again prompted by recent tv coverage, on programmes like Springwatch, of the serious decline in insect numbers – something that should be of major concern to every one of us.

So, the first project suggested is on Nature and Environmental issues – with dozens of scripts to help (plus quizzes and guided readers – I’m working on all of these!)

  1. Different Countries

With the Women’s World Cup coming up, what better way to look at different countries – there are 32 to choose from in the case of the FIFA World Cup! I can’t claim to have written an assembly on every one of these competing nations but I am always happy to write on demand if there is a particular country you would like to focus on.

I have listed below the scripts that are available, plus some *other resources (e.g. butterfly photos, quizzes etc) for the Environment. Resources for different countries can be found in the Geography Section of the website – or drop me a line if you want to save time on searching!

Environment/Nature/Save Our Insects

Key Stage I:

  • Animal Alphabet Assembly
  • Our Planet Assembly
  • Nature Assembly
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly plus Butterfly photos
  • Life Cycle of a Frog Assembly
  • Plants Assembly
  • Global Warming at the Poles Assembly
  • Ocean Assembly (including the Little Mermaid)
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Assemblies
  • Pet Care Assembly
  • Plus assemblies on Fruit and Vegetables

Key Stage II:

  • Awesome Animal World Record Breakers
  • Environment Assembly
  • Evolution Assembly
  • Fairer and More Sustainable World
  • Ocean Assembly
  • Our Planet Assembly
  • Poles Apart Assembly
  • Rainforest Assembly
  • Red Squirrel Assembly

*Quizzes on Marine Life and photos of butterflies.

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