Sue’s walking Blog

This was intended as a forerunner to Sue’s Walks website but as it has now gone live it is just a reminder of what can be found at Sues Walks Web site.

I would love to share my walking experiences with interested folk with the aim of providing walks tailored to the requirements of those visiting the Island – that is, the Isle of Wight where I am now resident.

Since moving here I have been blown away with just what a walkers paradise this place is! There are walks for everyone – young and old, those loving coastal rambles (I’ve walked all the way round) and those who prefer inland scenery – the downs walks are just beautiful.

I think the sheer choice of walks could be somewhat bewildering to those new to the Island – and it is often the lesser-known parts of the place that are the most attractive.

I am also building up a list of contacts of those offering accommodation so that is also an option – again for those who perhaps are looking for places a little off the beaten track.

I am familiar with most areas of the Island – I have walked extensively since moving here – though of course, I am daily discovering new places which makes it all the more exciting.

I am offering my services at this year’s Isle of Wight Walking Festival – two walks: October 9th and October 19th which I am really looking forward to – even though the planning of my routes has proved way harder than I’d anticipated (more of that further on!)

I have added probably at least another 100 miles since this early record. Its all in my diary which I will refer to.

But that’s just something to be going on with.

The following are a selection of walks I will offer in future.

New Years Walks Plus

Happy New Year everyone – yes, I know that’s a bit late! So, quick catch up on the last few walks I’ve done:

Carisbrooke to Freshwater Bay .. and caves!

It was a bit of a dull old day, New Year’s Day – but greyness definitely lifted by end of the cave experience!

Amazing rocks at Whitecliffe Bay

Another grey day but take a look at these colours!

Pepperpot/Hoy’s Monument Circular

Always windy along ridge – and on this occasion, very muddy on route back along valley – coastal path not so bad

Yarmouth Circular

Lovely walk along the estuary and back along the coast via Golden Fort.

Shorwell Circular

Including a close encounter with a goose!

Shanklin to Ventnor

Nice treat at the end!

Brightstone to Calbourne Circular

We won’t talk about mud in Brightstone Forest (or yours truly getting stuck on a barbed wire fence in a bid to escape) .. but sunset at the end was magnificent!

Shanklin to Luccombe Low-tide 22nd of September

This walk is only possible at certain times of the day as the sea comes right up to the base of the cliffs and, beautiful as they are, you wouldn’t want to have to call on the coastal helicopter!

Shanklin circular 22nd September

So much to see and do – including sampling one of 44 flavours of ice cream along the sea front! Shanklin Chine is not only very beautiful but has a film for viewing at the information centre that tells the full story of PLUTO. Countless gift shops of high quality, tea rooms, pubs – the walk is a useful introduction to where everything is.

24th of September. Seaview to Ryde and back. 5 miles. Around 2 hours to Ryde pier and back.

Extra time may be added on for the following options: a walk up Ryde high street, a stop off at one of numerous cafes/pubs; a visit to Hershey Nature Reserve; and a wander around Seaview.

A fab walk including beach, tower, hovercraft port, pier, and not forgetting that ‘Nice Rink’!  Visit to Nature Reserve, stop at beach or harbourside café, and walk around Seaview all optional extras.

Around Carisbrooke Castle.

The views from the ramparts are just stunning of the local countryside – a lovely walk from the castle takes you up onto Tennyson Down and back.

Bembridge Harbour to Lifeboat and back

finding out all about the RNIB makes the walk to the end of the pier more than worth it.

Colwell, Toland, Alum Bay and The Needles and back.

A walk of great variety, with beautiful beaches, heathland, and stunning coastal vistas. This walk has it all .. including best, certainly prettiest loos on the Island and wise words on tides.

Duver to St. Helens and back

Beautiful beach, ‘raised pathway across the water’ and the pretty harbour with some very fine boathouses – that you can stay in!

Fort Victoria Country Park and Yarmouth.

The walk can be done just taking in the Park and nearby Yarmouth; or extended for a beautiful circular up the estuary – as far over as Freshwater Bay and back. Numerous options – short and long, around here

Seaview to St Helens Fort

l lucked out on an exceptionally low tide and was able to walk all the way out to St. Helens Fort. Even when this is not possible, the beach is very beautiful with inland options in the event of high tides

Shankin to Bonchurch circular

One of my favourites – featured on the first day of the Walking Festival (though a certain ‘path closure’ did mean re-routing and unfortunately missing Bonchurch ‘bit’. Fingers crossed this path re-opens in or before 6 months as it is a major inconvenience … and questionably necessary).