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June 1st International Children’s Day

      •  See Children Around the World Assembly


June 2 – 5th Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

June 5 World Environmental Day

      • See Our Planet – available both as an assembly and as a set of guided reading play scripts -these cover 5 different habitats and the impact man has on them)

June 8 World Oceans Day

      • See Sea Life Quizzes and Jokes -set of five covering sharks, whales, dolphins, jelly fish and bony fish
      • See Jawesome Jury – this is a jury of sharks, led by the Hammerhead Shark as Judge, passing sentence against Man for his mishandling of the sea environment)

June 19 Father’s Day


July 4 American Independence Day

See also  Independence scripts in US Catalog

July 6 – 14 Fiesta de San Fermin

See Spanish Assembly

July 14 Bastille Day – France

See French Assembly Vive La France!

July 18 Nelson Mandela Day (birthday)

See Nelson Mandela play. This script is available either as a single script, or as part of a collection – see Famous People of the 20th Century (including Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon and Prominent Women).

Leavers Day Assemblies:

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