FIFA Womens World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Assembly (plus a set of five mini-plays that I have just added, these are a great PSHE resource)
Here it is – World Cup time again.. but this time for the women! July 20 – August 20 2023. A month of sizzling football!
This promises to be a truly memorable tournament .. and just in case anyone needs reminding just how far the women’s game has come – well, who better to give their support and unique piece of Girl Power … than the Spice Girls! Yes, a whistle and red card may not be enough to keep these girls down!
That said, this is intended as a cast for girls and boys – the inclusion of the line
Narrator: ……. It’s definitely not just females who will be watching, as we can see from the boys here today – representing their countries alongside the girls.
at the beginning of the assembly, is there to reassure any boys taking part that it is not just an assembly about Girl Power!

Cast of around 30 (some doubling up required as all 32 competing countries are represented)
Duration: Around 15 – 20 minutes

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