Halloween and Bonfire Night scripts

Halloween and Bonfire Night Scripts:

The Bonfire Night scripts are:

See also the Salem Witch Trials, Guided Reading Scripts  (lectures with text and PowerPoint slides also available on request).

and don’t forget your free Halloween howlers

I have just added The Salem Witch Trials Guided Reading (5 mini plays, 6 speakers each – plus 5 quizzes, one for each play). I found the content, on re-reading, truly shocking – how total innocents fell foul of total madness – a whole community decimated by the ravings of a handful of ‘bored youngsters’.

I have also written lectures on:

The Salem Witch Trials  &   Gunpowder, Fire and Plague

The above are part of a collection of talks/slide presentations (lectures) I have written (and delivered) with notes accompanying power point slides – numbering anything from 20 to 200 depending on the subject matter!

These have been sitting in three large files for the last three years (thank you Covid!) so I thought it was about time they saw the light of day. I will therefore be adding these to my website so that teachers and fellow speakers (I go into care homes) can make use of what I think are useful and interesting resources.

I have just added two new scripts, Dracula and Dear Dracula, to my previous Halloween offering of The Vanishing Pumpkin. Dracula is the original story by Bram Stoker re-told/slightly revised and shortened; and Dear Dracula is a kind of apology for this book/script – an attempt to make the Count and all things scary, less so.
The Hidden Gunpowder – is always popular, and lots of fun. Also available, is Guy Fawkes Assembly – a little more historical content!

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