Key dates January – May 2023

Key dates January – May 2023
New Year Assemblies:

January 4,  Birthday of Jacob Grimm – a celebration of Fairy Tales

January 5 Twelfth Night

January 18 Birthday of A.A. Milne – creator of Winnie the Pooh.

January 15 World Religion Day

      • The aim of World Religion Day, held on the third Sunday in January every year, is to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony. Through a variety of events held around the globe, followers of every religion are encouraged to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have.
      • Different World Religions – this is a small cast script.
      • Peace Freedom and Harmony Class Play This script was written following events in Paris (Jan 2015) and is intended as a ‘discussion piece’ – I have explained myself fully in the preview section.

January 22 (for 15 days) Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

      • Chinese New Year Assembly

January 25 Burns Day

January 26th Australia Day


February 7 Safer Internet Day

February 12 Darwin Day

February 14 Valentine’s Day

      • Valentine’s Day Assembly.

February 20th Presidents’ Day

Feb 21st Shrove Tuesday

Feb 22 – April 6 Lent



March 1 St. David’s Day

March 8 Festival of Holi

March 2 World Book Day

March 6 – 7th Purim – Judaism

March 8 International Women’s Day

      • Amazing Women (Click on Catalogue – UK Catalogue – Guided Reading – History – then Amazing Women)

March 19 Mothers Day

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day

      •  St. Patrick’s Day Guided Reading Script

March 20th International Day of Happiness

      • Scripts on Happiness/Feeling Good About Yourself – Featured scripts and Main category –Happy Scripts (Home Page) for March


April – National Pet Month

12th April Space Day

      • Plays on Space – Science and Geography sections

Easter Sunday 9 April

      • Lent Assembly cast of 30, duration around 10 minutes
      • Pancake Day Assembly Cast of 30, 15 – 20 mins
      • The Easter Story based on the biblical story, cast of 30
      • The Easter Egg Hunt – available in two versions, Key Stage I: Cast of 30, duration around 10 minutes; and Key Stage II cast of 10 or 30 (or any number in between); duration 10 – 20 minutes
      • The Missing Easter Eggs: this ‘mini assembly’ of around 5 minutes reading time would be ideally suited to PSHE work centred around ‘new beginnings’. Cast of 6 – Feisty Pheasant, Clumsy Chicken, Tactless Turkey, Grumpy Goose, Daft Duck and the Easter Bunny.
      • Chocolate Assembly – available in two versions: Key Stage I and Key Stage II plus a specially adapted version for Easter

April 21st Queen Eliz II’s Birthday

      • see Queen’s Jubilee script plus other royal scripts

April 22 Earth Day

      • Our Planet – available both as an assembly and as a set of guided reading play scripts – these cover 5 different habitats and the impact man has on them).

April 23 St. George’s Day

      • Get a set of Guided Reading scripts (5 mini plays) on England Plus St. George’s Day guided reading play script plus Ode, Plus Assembly on England. All three are available as a ‘bundle’
      • plus Key Stage I St. George and the Dragon Assembly

April 23 Shakespeare’s Birthday (see plays in Literature section)

March 22 – April 21 Ramadan

April 29th International Dance Day


May 8th VE Day

May 11 Joan of Arc

      • French Assembly Vive La France

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