End of Term Projects

End of Term Projects

Thinking ahead to the end of term …!

How about combining World Cup excitement with the study of the different countries participating?

I have assemblies on most of this plus, of course, those World Cup scripts (assemblies, guided reading and quiz).

NB I have a selection of the following in this category. For the complete set go to the Geography section of Key Stage II catalogue.

Assemblies on Different Countries:

· Africa

· Australia

· Brazil

· Canada

· China

· England

· France

· Great Britain

· Holland

· India

· Japan

· Malta

· Russia

· Scotland

· Spain

· Wales

Other Geography-related topics include:

· Our Planet – different habitats and how they are affected by man

· Environment Assembly and what we can do to help

· Around the World in 20 Minutes – 7 continents and 5 oceans

· Weather Around the World Assembly

· Volcanoes Assembly (plus one on Pompeii, in History Section)

· Natural Disasters Assembly

· Rainforest Assembly

· *Ocean Assembly

· Poles Apart

· Travel Show Assembly (Holiday Show Assembly)

· Airport Assembly


· Dance Around the World

· Children Around the World

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