End of Term Projects

End of Term Projects

Environment – including scripts on Save Our Insects (see Marvellous Minibeasts) and many others currently available  – more in the pipeline coming up!
The decision to add this category, with an environmental theme, was prompted by my recent writing of an Insects script – Marvellous Minibeasts, again prompted by recent tv coverage, on programmes like Springwatch, of the serious decline in insect numbers – something that should be of major concern to every one of us.

So, the first project suggested is on Nature and Environmental issues – with dozens of scripts to help (plus quizzes and guided readers – I’m working on all of these!)

Key Stage I:

Animal Alphabet Assembly
Our Planet Assembly
Nature Assembly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly plus Butterfly photos
Life Cycle of a Frog Assembly
Plants Assembly
Global Warming at the Poles Assembly
Ocean Assembly (including the Little Mermaid)
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Assemblies
Pet Care Assembly
Plus assemblies on Fruit and Vegetables

Key Stage II:

Awesome Animal World Record Breakers
Environment Assembly
Evolution Assembly
Fairer and More Sustainable World
Ocean Assembly
Our Planet Assembly
Poles Apart Assembly
Rainforest Assembly
Red Squirrel Assembly
*Quizzes on Marine Life and photos of butterflies.

Thinking ahead to the World Cup ..

2. Different Countries
With the Women’s World Cup coming up, what better way to look at different countries – there are 32 to choose from in the case of the FIFA World Cup! I can’t claim to have written an assembly on every one of these competing nations but I am always happy to write on demand if there is a particular country you would like to focus on.

Please check out assemblies for different countries on the geography section of the website.

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