Two Reader Scripts

Two Reader Scripts

Two Reader Scripts can either be read by one child (plus adult i.e. child reading one character and adult taking on the role of the other); or by two children, taking one role each (reading to an adult).

Duration: Approximately 5 – 10 minutes – this includes reading and quiz afterwards.

List so far:

This is the first in a set of reading texts based on famous characters – past and present – available separately and (in time) as a collection of scripts.

The list will include monarchs, adventurers, poets, inventors, politicians, space explorers – all taken from the current primary school curriculum, with two objectives:

  1. To Bring History Alive (as with my plays)
  2. To make reading a more lively, interactive experience – between child and teacher

The format I have used is that of an interview – between two people, interviewer and interviewee. These two roles can be read either by an adult and child or two children; and they are of course interchangeable – though in the case of teacher and child it is suggested that the teacher be the one asking the questions as that will allow the child to take on the interviewee’s character and thus make for a livelier, potentially more rewarding session.

The activity could, of course, be extended by adding additional questions, as deemed appropriate to the child’s individual development and learning.

I have written two scripts:

  1. Henry VIII and His Six Wives
  2. Henry VIII and the Reformation

Two reasons for this –  (i) I felt both topics – Henry as a husband and Henry as head of the newly established Church of England – should be covered- (ii) I have written to two levels of reading – one a little more advanced than the other, so these two scripts would be suitable for both ends of Key Stage II – i.e. Script 1 for Years 3 & 4; Script 2 for Years 5 & 6; or of course,  higher/lower abilities of both.

I am just starting out on this writing project so any suggestions from teachers reading this would be greatly appreciated. I have so far only written the three scripts (above) based on Key Stage I Famous People. As this is a new venture, I will hold fire and see if there is sufficient interest to justify further writing. I would like to do this for Key Stage II – but again, I will hang fire until ‘the orders start coming in’!

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