R.E. (Religious Education)

These plays can be used as assemblies, in front of the school, or just in the classroom.

Scroll down to click on the pictures and view the sample texts.

The RE section of the website has a large collection of scripts including:

· Assembly on Buddhism

Assembly on Islam

· Assembly on Judaism

· Different World Religions Guided Reading Scripts:

o Christianity

o Judaism

o Islam

o Hinduism

o Buddhism


· Peace Freedom and Harmony Class Play (which includes Different World Religions Guided Reading Scripts)

Plus scripts on Religious Festivals e.g.:

o Divali

o Hannukah

o Christmas, Easter, Harvest Thanksgiving

Easter Plays

The Easter Story
The Easter Egg Hunt (2 versions – KS I & KS II)
Christmas Plays

A Christmas Carol
Babushka A Christmas Story from Russia
Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly
Christmas Carols Assembly
Christmas Spirit – The Conversion of Mrs Scrooge!
Poinsettia A Christmas Story from Mexico
St. Nicholas Day Assembly – Mystery of the Real Father Christmas
The Meaning of Christmas – The Conversion of Scrooge
Inspirational People

Martin Luther King
Collection of inspirational people in guided reading section
Other Catagories Available:

– – – Geography
– – – History
– – – Literature
– – – PSHE
– – – R.E. (Religious Education)
– – – Science
– – – Sport
– – – Calendar Dates

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