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Thank you to all my customers, new and old, who have supported me this year. My desire to write is largely fuelled by your words of encouragement and the lovely feedback I receive from you. I am so grateful for this.

We live in challenging times and I hope maybe free scripts like The Snow Goose may help to provide a little ‘lift’ and inspiration in what otherwise can seem dark times.

I wish everyone a very happy new school year full of optimism and hope. Suex

If you are looking for a School assembly, play or guided reading script on a specific subject, drop me a line and I will provide it – either from my current collection or from the one yet to be written! A little explanation: In addition to my collection (of over 400 scripts) I am more than happy to WRITE on REQUEST. So if you need a script urgently that is not in my collection, just drop me a line.

A huge thank you to all my lovely customers and for your wonderful feedback – keeps me writing!


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