Calendar Dates (Xmas)

Calendar Dates (Xmas)

Calendar Dates (Xmas). This category is for dates in the calendar – including Christmas and Easter scripts, plus saints days, new year and end of summer celebrations.

Following scripts are listed in alphabetical order (not order in which they occur during the year):

Chinese New Year
CHRISTMAS SCRIPTS (see catalogue for complete listing)
EASTER SCRIPTS: The Easter Story and The Easter Egg Hunt (2 versions: KS I & KS II)
Eurovision Song Contest Assembly
Harvest Festival Assembly
Leavers’ Assembly – end of Summer Term for Year 6s
New Year Resolutions
St. Andrew’s Day Assembly – in celebration of Scotland
St. David’s Day Assembly – in celebration of Wales and its culture
St. George’s Day Assembly – in celebration of England and its culture
Valentines Day
World Smile Day Play: Turn that Smile Upside Down!
World Teachers Day Play: Thank You!
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– – – Calendar Dates e.g Saints Days

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