Christmas Plays


Seems a little early to be talking Christmas but here goes anyway!

A.  Class Plays/Assemblies with a cast of around 30 (*with the option of year group performance i.e. 3 classes):

For those wanting to do something a little different, I thought that this year I’d suggest Charles Dickens’ Christmas Novellas – if you fancy having a Christmas with a Dickensian feel. These are:

And, of course, the slightly better known


B.  Small Cast Plays – with 6 speakers



Starting with a panto with a difference! Snow White The Pantomime: 10 – 60 mins, 30 – 60 characters!!

On being requested to extend my Snow White and the 22 Dwarfs to accommodate a year group of 60, I thought why not team those 22 dwarfs up with 22 elves – with a few reindeer (and Father Christmas) thrown in?! This is a Snow White as you’ve never seen it – twists and surprises all along the way, perhaps some of the worst jokes you’ll hear this year – and what about The Mirror … checking out Facebook!?! As the script can be used for a performance of 10, 45 or 60 mins and has the option of cast size 30 or 60 this has to be one of the most versatile pantomimes around! Comprehensive Production Notes make the seemingly impossible, possible!

Other Pantomimes:

PLUS Christmas Quiz!

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