Dickens Scripts

I have added this category in celebration of Charles Dickens’ birthday, Feb 7th 1812 – plus release of new David Copperfield movie.
Scripts written so far:

These are generally for cast size 15 plus, duration 15 mins plus (longer, around 25 mins for A Tale of Two Cities)

Also available – Charles Dickens’ Christmas Collection of Novellas:

  1. The Battle of Life (30 mins)
  2. The Chimes (40 mins)
  3. The Cricket on the Hearth (40 mins)
  4. The Haunted Man and the Ghost (30 mins)

I am happy to adapt these script to any cast size and any duration; and any age group. The above scripts are currently upper KSII/Lower KS III but I can easily re-write to ‘fit different readers/audiences. Happy to write for schools, drama groups, theatre,…. I frequently tweak scripts to fit the individual customer needs – ‘all in a day’s work’. I work on a very flexible, ‘hope to please all customers’ basis! Suggestions/requests always welcome. Just drop me a line on [email protected] and I generally respond within 24 hours (often minutes!)

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