Educate Against Hate

Educate Against Hate is a play based around what happened On 25.5.17. Like many others among you, the latest terrorist atrocities in Manchester and London shocked me to the core.

I have just read an article in TES by the husband of Jo Cox In this article his central message is that we must all ourselves remember and repeat to our children that this was an act of an individual ‘representative of nobody but themselves’.

I  hesitated about putting in this category on my website. It is a sensitive subject and I do not wish to add oxygen to the flames of emotions that are out there.

I do hope the clear message behind my scripts is one of love and tolerance and that they will be used to reinforce a message of togetherness as opposed to fear and anger.

The following comments were written last year, I’ve kept them in as they cover the same issues.

(29.3.16) an article in the Telegraph entitled “‘British values’ lessons could upset migrants, warn teachers”. I personally believe the key to this whole subject is the central message ‘Live and let live’. That doesn’t mean nations have to feel shame at any sense of pride they may have in ‘being different’ whilst recognising that peace, respect and tolerance of differences is essential for the whole world.

My script ‘Children Around the World’ deals with this.

The title of this section is following ‘An “educate against hate” website launched by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’. See media coverage of 19.01.16

This is obviously a highly sensitive subject which is why my scripts are written about promoting love and tolerance of diversity (as per our British values) i.e. taking a positive slant.

I have written a script with a more ‘direct message’ i.e. confronting the issue of extremism, but I think this is possibly more appropriate to secondary level. I leave this to the customer to decide.

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