FREE Sports Relief Assembly

FREE Sports Relief Assembly

Every year I do something to raise money for Sports Relief – this generally in my capacity as a Zumba instructor (guess what ‘sport’ is there in the script, representing Z on the sports list?!)

This script is about as versatile as I can make it – any cast size, any duration, any number of songs/music suggestions.

Good luck to everyone ‘doing their thing’ this year. My challenge is going to be ‘sitting still for one minute’ during each of my 15 Zumba routines – a challenge beyond anything I have ever undertaken before! If you’ve ever been to a Zumba class you’ll know what I mean!

A simple message to accompany this script – ENJOY! Suex

FREE Sports Relief Assembly Sample Text:

Child 26: Volleyball

Child 27: Weightlifting

Child 28: Wrestling

Child 29: Zumba!

Narrator: (To Child 29) I beg your pardon?

Child 29: Zumba! Would you like a demonstration?

Music 2 – Zumba number/Latin American music

(Child 29 ‘performs’)

(Loud applause from cast and audience)

Narrator: Magnificent! And I can see that dancing is just as energetic as all those other sports we’ve mentioned!

Child 1: (Fanning him/herself) Phew! All that hot Latin American music!

Child 2: But let’s not forget our winter sports!

Child 3: We have only just had those fantastic Winter Olympics!

Child 4: Who could forget

Child 5: The skiing

Child 6: Bobsleigh

Child 7: Figure skating

Child 8: Ice hockey

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