January to April 2021 Scripts

Key dates January – May 2021

New Year Assemblies:

January 4 Birthday of Jacob Grimm – a celebration of Fairy Tales

    • A must see, Snow White and the 22 Dwarfs and the panto, an extended version of original Snow White script, plus alternative versions of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, with PSHE ‘slant’ i.e.scripts with a moral message included.

January 5 Twelfth Night

    • Babushka (Twelfth Night, the night she still looks for Jesus)

January 16 Online Safety Day

January 18 Martin Luther King Day

January 18 Birthday of A.A. Milne – creator of Winnie the Pooh.

    • Great British Writers Assembly (including Roald Dahl, A.A. Milne, C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll and J.K. Rowling)

January 17 World Religion Day

The aim of World Religion Day, held on the third Sunday in January every year, is to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony. Through a variety of events held around the globe, followers of every religion are encouraged to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have.

January 20th Inauguration of America’s 45th President – Donald Trump

January 25 Burns Day

January 26th Australia Day

January 27th Birthday of Lewis Carroll


Chinese New Year – Year of the Ox – Feb 11 – 26

Feb 12 Darwin Day

February 14 Valentine’s Day

February 20th Presidents’ Day

Feb 16 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day

Lent 17 Feb – 3 April

Feb 25 – 26th Purim – Judaism



March 1st, David’s Day

March 28 – 29 Festival of Holi

March 4th World Book Day

March 8 International Women’s Day

    • Amazing Women (Click on Catalogue – UK Catalogue – Guided Reading – History – then Amazing Women)

March 14 Mothers Day

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day

March 20th International Day of Happiness

    • Scripts on Happiness/Feeling Good About Yourself – Featured scripts and Main category –Happy Scripts (Home Page) for March


 April – National Pet Month

    • Pets for Key Stage I

2nd April International Children’s Book Day

12th April Space Day

    • Plays on Space – Science and Geography sections

Easter Sunday 4 April

April 21stThe Queen’s Birthday

April 22 Earth Day

April 23 St. George’s Day

April 23 Shakespeare’s Birthday (see plays in Literature section)

April 13 – May 12 Ramada

April 29th International Dance Day


May 8th VE Day

May 11 Joan of Arc

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