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Key Stage III Scripts

I can highly recommend Sue Russell’s plays for use with KS3 students. They are wonderful introductions to classic novels – capturing the mood and tone of the original and communicating the essence of plot and characters in a lively and highly accessible way.

Oliver twist
Oliver twist

Students enjoy the vibrant dialogue and find scope for characterisation and the development of dramatic skills by performing them. These plays can be used in English lessons as well as Drama class. Dickens is a wonderful writer, but the sheer length of the novels and complexity of plot lines can be intimidating for students. Sue Russell’s plays are faithful to their originals yet also brilliantly condensed without any loss of key material.
Many thanks to my writer-friend Jude Hayland who, when not writing, works as a drama teacher and English tutor.

My intention is to keep adding to this KS III category during the year, starting with my ‘What the Dickens!’ series of scripts – A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, David Copperfield and A Tale of Two Cities – by Charles Dickens.

It would be very useful if any Key Stage III teachers visiting this site were to share with me any thoughts on ‘future writing’. I will be ‘working my way’ through the Classics but am more than happy to write on request, as I have done frequently in the past for KS I and II teachers.

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