Leavers Assemblies

Leavers Assemblies. designed for school leaving assemblies. The scripts vary in cast size and performance length. As a rule of thumb (as per format for the majority of my scripts) these are very adaptable up or down, from cast size 30, duration 20 minutes.

These leavers assemblies are  tailored to any class or year group size and can be any length.

I have provided a ‘skeleton scripts’ of around 5 minute of actual reading time but with numerous opportunities to add on e.g. in ‘Wish’ and ‘Achievement’ sections. There are numerous songs/music which can be included or omitted accordingly. I have gone for this format, as I feel the content of a Leavers Assembly may be of a more personal nature i.e. a reflection of the students own personalities than the normal scripts I write. They are for children (general) as opposed to specific children. I feel this will work better for teachers and enable more ‘personlized involvement’  by teachers and students alike.

There is the additional fun ‘option’ of the schools staff ‘joining in’ at the end.

  • It’s Good To Be Me Leavers Assembly
  • Leavers Assembly for Year 6s
  • Our School’s Got Talent Leavers Assembly
  • School’s Out Leavers Assembly
  • World Cup 2018 Leavers Assembly

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