Chicken Licken scripts on dealing with fear

Our Children’s Mental Health

I have just been listening to radio 4 – Women’s Hour – on the nation’s concern for the mental health of our youngsters and how they will cope with returning to school.

At the beginning of Lockdown, I wrote a script around the story of Chicken Licken which deals with the subject of fear – in all its different manifestations.

I would like to offer this KS II script to teachers to share with their students at this challenging time in the hope that it may give some solace and actual practical advice (including such suggestions as mindfulness).

I have also just added a Key Stage One version – with an extension to the original script (found in Collection II of Key Stage One Quickie Fairy Tales) which covers fear in an appropriate way for these younger children.

I have written many other PSHE scripts – the majority of my fairy tale adaptations deal with one theme or another. So do please take a look at these – I think they are an excellent way of giving indirect comfort at a time when our children’s mental health is top of the agenda.

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