New Year Assemblies

A very happy 2023 to everyone!

The following are New Year scripts

Plus a selection from the PSHE section, just to give us a little more positivity as we move onto 2023!

The stories and guided reading scripts are 5 – 10 minutes in length. Total Reading time: Around an hour

The 5 guided reading scripts have 2 speakers each – a total of 10 altogether.

Life Lessons (PSHE)

      1. How the Butterfly Lost his Bad Temper
      2. How the Butterfly Lost her Dissatisfaction
      3. How the Butterfly Lost his Vanity
      4. How the Butterfly Learned to Fly
      5. How the Butterfly Learned to Fly Higher

The life lessons for each of these are as follows:

      • Appreciate what you have
      • Stop ‘wanting’/looking for more
      • Recognising that external beauty is not everything
      • Just do it!
      • The importance of striving/realising your potential

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