Cast of 60 plus

Large Cast Productions i.e. Cast of 60 plus.

My scripts are written primarily for a cast of 30. However, if a large Cast Production is required it would be relatively easy to combine a couple as suggested below:

If you go to the page on my website describing the 12 Tasks of Hercules (from Ancient Greek Myths). there you will find a brief description of two other linked scripts. These are Superheroes Assembly and The 12 New Labours of Hercules:

I have also written a series of Ancient Greek Myth Assemblies (each has cast of 30) which can be easily linked. These can be found in the Ancient Greek Myths section of the website

· Odysseus and the Cyclops

· Pandora’s Box

· Tale of 2 Spinners

· The Gorgons Head

· 12 Labours of Hercules

· Theseus and the Minotaur

Other options are to take such scripts as the one I have written on Nursery Rhymes and add a more i.e. rhymes and characters

This would also work with the script I have written on different books and World Book Day Party Assembly. Combine the two and you’ll have at least 60!

I have written a pantomime cast of 60 for Snow White and the 22 Dwarfs and you could  use this omitting the Christmas references?

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