World Cup Resources

World Cup Resources

WORLD CUP this summer! World Cup Assemblies, Mini World Cup Assemblies plus Leavers Assemblies, quiz and additional free resources – all now updated to 2014!

Take advantage of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer (see details below):

1. World Cup Assembly – one referee taking on 32 entrants for this year’s championship in Brazil!

2. World Cup Leavers’ Assembly – with a truly undisciplined set of teachers! (Real teachers are encouraged to join in with this one!)

3. Come on England! World Cup Assembly – can eleven cheerleaders transform the fortunes of the English squad?! *Plus FREE ‘If I were the English Coach’ script.

4. Mini World Cup Assembly. This is very short (about 5-10 mins), featuring past winners.

5. Mini World Cup Leavers Assembly (as per no. 4)

6. World Cup What it takes to be a Winner guided reading scripts based on P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Mental Attitude, Respect, Intelligent Choices, Dreams and Goals, and Effort and Education) – *PLUS FREE ‘Goalie Courage’ script.

7. Quiz: One Hundred Things You Should Know About The World Cup (and maybe some you shouldn’t!)

8. Information Sheets on some of the competing nations, (template provided for rest) including ‘quirky’ facts and jokes – Great for end of term project work.

9. World Cup songs for England – based on popular rock songs, with lyrics adjusted to the World Cup! Free with purchase of script.

10. *Goalie Courage – It’s OK Green, You’re Part of a Team – written minutes after England match – tribute to Green! Free with purchase of guided reading scripts as it is based on the strength we have to find within ourselves when we fall down – in order to get up again.

11. *If I were the English Coach. Free with purchase of ‘Come on England’ script.


If you purchase a £11.99 world cup assembly you are entitled to another world cup script for free, with performance rights on just one script i.e. £11.99 plus £15 = £26.99

How it works: Once you have placed your order (for one), I respond with script attachment in word and pdf format and ask which second script you want; when you receive this email, you then respond stating which script you want, and I then send script of your choice back to you – plus other freebies

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