Science Assemblies Key Stage II

Science plays and assemblies for KS2

Science plays and assemblies for KS2. Our Planet – different habitats and man’s impact on the environment. Rock ‘n’ Roll Assembly (on the study of rocks). The Planets – voyage through our solar system.

June 5 World Environment Day & June 8 World Oceans Day

With so much talk in the media about Global Warming, these two dates should, one would think, be at the very least acknowledged in our schools. And tied in with end of term projects, there are endless possibilities to develop this theme – e.g. exploring wildlife issues at both Key Stage One and Two.

(Highlighted scripts specifically on the environment and oceans)



Other Catagories Available:

– – – Geography
– – – History
– – – Literature
– – – PSHE
– – – R.E. (Religious Education)
– – – Sport
– – – Calendar Dates e.g Saints Days

These plays can be performed as assemblies in front of an audience, or just used in the classroom.

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