Sport Assemblies Key Stage II

Sport Assemblies

Sports Assemblies. As these scripts are based on events, they require regular updating. This is only possible a few months prior to the event when the sports and participants are confirmed (as in the case of, for example, the 2016 Olympics).

These plays can be performed as assemblies in front of an audience or just used in the classroom.s

Olympic scripts (Summer Games). These go up to and include 2016 Olympics. I will include 2020 Olympics when the information is available.
Winter Olympics Assembly – tracing its history from 1924 to the present day
P.R.I.D.E. (based on a basketball team, but can easily be adapted to other sports)
World Cup Assembly and World Cup Leavers’ Assembly (Mini Assembly also available on World Cup)
Other Catagories Available:

– – – Geography
– – – History
– – – Literature
– – – PSHE
– – – R.E. (Religious Education)
– – – Science
– – – Sport
– – – Calendar Dates e.g Saints Days

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