Teaching Resources for Supply or PPA Cover

Teaching Resources for Supply Teachers

Teaching Resources for Supply Teachers (or Substitute Teaching if you live in the States) or PPA Cover

Teaching Resources for Supply Teachers. Want to be able to walk into that next ‘assignment’ fully prepared/ready to deliver something which the children will really enjoy?

Then look no further than these combined Literature/Drama resources, produced by me, writer/teacher Sue Russell – who knows what it’s like in the supply jungle – after many years of experience!

I have started this section as I am currently ‘back in this market’ and wondered if any others in the same boat as myself would like some help with resources? I know that normally schools provide ‘cover work’ these days but there is always that nagging fear – and as a supply teacher of many years, I would definitely advocate going in prepared for anything!

‘Alternative’ scripts with cast of six come with lesson plan plus guided reading script (6 speakers); Guided Readers come with quiz/reading comprehension.

These resources accommodate both small group and all class engagement. As explained in the lesson plan, whilst a group of six speakers read the script, the rest of the class (divided into teams?) has to follow in order to answer questions that follow. There are also some ideas for follow up discussion, time permitting.

N.B. Please read the descriptions as there are variations in content e.g. guided readers come with quizzes, but not cast of 6 plays.

Time allowance is flexible – from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on how much of the package is used.

Each script is available as part of a collection of five in the case of the Ancient Greeks – (Odysseus and the Cyclops, Theseus and the Minotaur, The Gorgon’s Head, Pandora’s Box and The Tale of Two Spinners) – The Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Scripts – for £14.99

Fairy Tales currently number seven – but more likely to follow.