All things British!

All things British!

All things British! This is a celebration of what it is to be British (rubbish summers and all!) I decided to add this All things British category to my website after ‘rediscovering’ scripts I had written on the Royal Family, that I had completely forgotten about! This section includes plays on our history, geography and culture.

Just a small selection – I have not included scripts such as The Victorians otherwise the category would be too large.

There are three scripts on the Queen’s Jubilee – which actually provide a great insight into:

  1. The Royal Family as it is today
  2. Previous British kings and queens i.e. a History of British Monarchy
  3. A useful record of Current Events over the last century (in the case of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of the years 1952-2012)

These scripts are entitled:

  1. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly was the first script I wrote – focusing on the queen, her family, her achievements and a few facts few people know about!
  2. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly on the English Monarchy – this being a quick gallop from Alfred to our present queen!
  3. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly on the years 1952 – 2012 – an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!)

These scripts can be bought individually or as part of a special 3 for 2 packages (including the purchase of performing rights @£7.50 for all 3). Buy 2 scripts online, and let me know which one you want free – I will then send all three scripts to you.

Includes scripts on the country and its heritage, plus Assemblies and guided reading scripts on Great Britain, with separate ones on England, Wales and Scotland; plus numerous scripts on St. George’s Day, St. David’s Day and St. Andrew’s Day.

I have included my script on British Values plus others such as The Magna Carta, History of Democracy etc.

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