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TEFL resources – Teaching English As a Foreign Language. TEFL TUITION Experienced qualified teacher. As writer and historian, I am happy to share knowledge of great English Heritage! Contact Sue Russell on sue@oldsite.plays-r-ussell.com or 07947410394 (Quick plug for my own services if you are in or around Winchester area!)

As a qualified TEFL teacher and having used some of my guided reading scripts with both single and groups of students, I would like to share them with other TEFL teachers.

The beauty of them is that they are simple – in terms of language and content; and of course the scripts on Great Britain offer many useful insights into our nations psyche!

I have just added a handful of scripts to this section – the rest can be found in Key Stage II – Guided Reading Scripts (under the different subjects). These Guided Reading Scripts are written for groups of 6 and, whilst some are of in informational nature, there are plenty of others e.g. in the Literature section (Fairy Tales and Classics like The Wind in the Willows) which would work really well with groups of foreign students.

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