The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

I have produced 4 Platinum Jubilee Scripts:

      1. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly – about the Queen and her life, family, achievements etc. KS I and KS II (separate scripts) Cast of 30, duration around 20 minutes
      2. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly on the years 1952 – 2022 – an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll Assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!) Duration 15 – 60 minutes! Depending on how many songs you include! Likewise, cast 30 plus!
      3. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly on the English Monarchy takes us from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. Cast of 30 Lasting approximately 10 minutes, it focuses on Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry – a quick gallop through the English monarchy!

The cast size with all the above scripts can be easily adapted up or down. The script on the events of 1952 – 2022 is the most ambitious – with a LARGE selection of music suggestions. This could be a very large production indeed!

These scripts are all adaptations of the originals – with dates tweaked and events added as appropriate.
Whichever script you choose, enjoy!

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