Top Ten Scripts for September

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Autumn Term 2022! And, of course, the new school year.
This is undoubtedly a time of mixed emotions – for both students and staff. And to address this, I have included a number of PSHE scripts in my September Top Ten Scripts selection, my ‘choices’ driven both by personal preference (even after all this time, I still have my favourites!) and scripts which have been especially enjoyed by you, my customers.

1. Back to School – Be Inspired Assembly. What better way to kick off the school year? (KS II)
2. Harvest Festival Assembly – a number of different scripts on this theme, featuring some of my favourite characters: Feisty Pheasant, Clumsy Chicken, Grumpy Goose, Daft Duck, Tactless Turkey (KS II)
3. Roald Dahl Assembly (Roald Dahl Day Sept 13, KS II)
4. World Cup Football – What it Takes To Be a Winner – 5 mini plays/guided reading/readers theatre – 6 speakers each. Quick reminder that 2022 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner!
5. Happy to Be Me Assembly – 2 versions: KS I and II
6. Awe and Wonder Assembly – 2 versions: KS I and II
7. Happy Assembly (KS I)
8. Being Positive Assembly (KSII)
9. Not Afraid of Failure Assembly (KSII)
10. *Silas Marner (See Review below) (KSIII and IV)

Coming up (October, November and December)

1. Halloween – The Vanishing Pumpkin. Always popular (check out review), packed with silliness and bad jokes (some real Howlers available free on request)
2. Bonfire Night Assembly – The Hidden Gunpowder. With a cast made up purely of fireworks, how can this be anything less than a truly explosive production?!
3. Christmas Assembly – Impossible to choose a favourite .. though A Christmas Carol has to be high on any list!

*The following is a comment received on another site where I sell my scripts – TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) – and I’d like to display it here as it seems particularly pertinent to my work and its aims:

“We used this play as a way to review Silas Marner after we finished reading it. The students actually had some lightbulb moments while reading through the play because it clarified some parts of the story that had confused them!”

Rating: 5/5 (extremely satisfied)

My response was as follows:

“Thank you so much for this review – it sums up pretty much what I aim to achieve with my writing – namely, making classic books like Silas Marner more ‘accessible’ – trying to encapsulate in a shorter version what the author was saying. I am currently working through the works of Charles Dickens (no mean feat!) as I think his stories/character depictions were amazing. Sadly, most folk just don’t have the time (or maybe inclination, on seeing the size of each tome!) to read through them – such a pity as so much of his work remains unread. The same applies to so many other great authors – so thank you for inspiring me to continue my work – making the classics more accessible and better understood. I really appreciate your feedback. Sue”

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