Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer Feedback and Reviews. I have just created this category in the hope that it will help me provide a better service. Scroll down to see Customer Comments.

Customer Feedback and Reviews. To leave feedback:

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It would be really helpful if customers could contact me with answers to any of the following questions:

  1. How can I improve my service?
  2. Are there any scripts I am missing? (Let me know and I will get writing!)
  3. Tied in with the above question, are there any future events you can think of that need covering?
  4. Can you think of any ways in which I could improve my website to make it more user-friendly?
  5. If you have used and found my scripts ‘work’, can you suggest any ways in which I could reach more people? i.e. more effective ways of ‘spreading the word’?

If you have answers to any/all of the above questions please drop me a line on [email protected] – I would really appreciate hearing from you.

In meantime, a couple of emails received within last 48 hours:

‘Kids loved these. Thanks for great resources.Many thanks’ – US teacher re: Greek Myths Guided Reading Scripts

‘Thanks so much for such a quality script and such amazing service’ – London teacher re: Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly

Customer Feedback and Reviews More Customer Comments

Africa Assembly:  Mindy Kimmel  (TpT Seller), This is a great product and fun learning opportunity.

January 11, 2019

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Take Two: Sharise M. Just what I needed!

January 9, 2019

Nursery Rhymes – Extended Version: Sharise M. Another great play. TY

December 17, 2018

“It’s been five years of amazing assemblies thanks to your great play scripts. We will keep coming back as we’ve always appreciated the wide variety of topics covered plus your willingness Sue to adapt or even create bespoke assemblies on new curriculum topics as required. You even supply the word version on request which is great for adapting to suit more/less cast or local specifics. I can’t thank you or recommend your service enough.

Jeff and Lorna, Geneva, Switzerland”

User Melajone has written the following comment regarding “Ancient Greek MythsGuided Reading, Group Readers or Readers Theater“:

Thank you! My students LOVED it and are still talking about it a year later, they want to know if they can do it again

Just a selection of some of the kind things people have been saying. Thank you so much to all of you.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (I have received many similar emails from Titanic, Jubilee and Olympics customers – I haven’t had time to include them in this section – will do when I get a spare min!)

Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for the wonderful script, it is absolutely perfect for my Year 3 class of 18 children and our assembly is on 31st May so fingers crossed we will do it justice!

I look forward to seeing your future scripts now that I have discovered you.

Many thanks.



Customer Feedback General

Thank you so much for your e mail and downloads I was really impressed with the service and speed at which they arrived! Nand

Thank you so much for your personal e-mail, now that is what I call service! Janie

It’s absolutely brilliant that you replied so quickly. I’m thrilled to have discovered you and will be back to purchase more plays. As a matter of fact, I’m going to volunteer to have a drama club after school next year since you have so kindly put together plays that I could easily work with. Brava!

Keep up the wonderful work! You have a knack for it, and I’m so tied up with running a classroom and creating a curriculum that I would never have time to even attempt anything that time consuming (nor do I have the talent!).


Mary Jo—your new fan!

Customer Feedback Write on Request Service

Request for Rainforest Assembly – delivered following day! This, as I explained to Nick, was an absolute record! I usually take at least a day to research, a day to write and a day to ‘tidy up’/produce the end product. But as the script was needed in hours, not days ….. just shows, anything is possible!

Hi Sue

Thank you very much for doing the playscript. You have saved my class assembly. I can’t believe how quickly you have managed to write it

Hawaiian Assembly

I just thought I would let you know that we did our Hawaii Assembly for whole school and parents yesterday! It went amazingly well. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it with the kids and lots of parents said they had learned loads from the assembly! Vikki

Martin Luther King scripts

The play is a really good way of getting students interested .Am presently doing “Holes” with my yr 8 students and wanted to do something on segregation and discrimination so this works in perfectly. Ruth (U.S. teacher)

Pride Assembly (PSHE)

Hi Sue,

The pride assembly that you sent is spot on thank you. My children in Year 6 think it’s hilarious! We’re really having fun practising it in small groups in the classroom and performing it to each other, so thank you.


Ancient Greek Assembly

Dear Sue,

I am just writing to you to thank you for a fabulous script. Today was the day of our performance to the parents and other children of the school.

It was a huge success! All attending (hall was jam packed) enjoyed the show as it was funny, witty and informative. In particular the choice of music added to the enjoyment.

For your information, we found the lyrics to ‘Hole in the Head’ a bit inappropriate and replaced it with ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ by Kylie. We also shortened the play and left out the last part. Homer and his wife were a great success and we played the start of the Simpsons tune every time Mrs. Homer (with blue wig) came onto the stage. Very successful!

Our assembly took just over 30 minutes and we had 59 children performing.

Once again, thank you for the great script. I will have to do another assembly next year and I will certainly be looking at your web site for help!!!

Warm regards,


Anglo-Saxon Guided Reading Scripts

Customer joan phillips has written the following comment regarding “Anglo-Saxon Guided Reading Play Scripts”:

We did the Beowulf reader’s theater and the students loved it!

Viking Guided Readers

Many thanks for another fantastic piece that I can share with my pupils!


p.s I have been meaning to email feedback from last year when I bought ‘The Greeks’. The children loved it and found it very funny! They especially liked Homer eating the doughnut. I got one of children to eat a real one and the jam squirted out all over his shirt with brilliant comedy timing!I think the play will be something that my pupils and I will always fondly remember!

New Year Resolutions Assembly

enjoyed the asssembly – i like the way you moved it on from the usual new year resolutions to the way we should really think of them.

St. David’s Day (Welsh) Assembly

I was thrilled with what you’ve produced and laughed out loud as I read. Elizabeth

Easter Story Assembly

Just read the play. Very different to your assemblies but really good. You get all the story in and put it across really well. I think a few schools who celebrate Easter will appreciate this play. I like the way you make Peter a central character as well. You get all the main points in simple and straightforwardly which is quite a challenge because the Easter story is quite a complex one. I did enjoy it.

Ancient Egypt Assembly

I was lucky enough to witness, first hand, one of your fantastic plays come to life as a class performance. What I, and the children didn’t know about the Ancient Egyptians by the end of the performance, wasn’t worth knowing! It was hilarious, informative and thoroughly engaging. Children deserve to learn in innovative ways like this!

Full Name: Fiona Watson

kids loved it, fantastic script. Thank You very much.

Ancient Egypt Guided Reading Scripts plus World Cup

Hiya Sue, that’s fab, thank you so much. The scripts are fantastic and just what I was looking for for our Egypt topic this term. Thanks for the football stuff as well – the boys will love it!

Thank you so much!


Tudor Explorer Assembly

I used your Tudor Explorer Play last November and it was great. Great music choices. Thanks again


Tudors: Rich and Poor Assembly

I just wanted to let you know that the Tudors Rich and Poor play with my wife’s year 5 class went extremely well and the compliments flowed! They were asked to perform it again for some classes that were on a school trip that day and missed the first run. Thanks again and we’ll remember to come back to you for any future topics.


Re: Ancient Egypt Guided Reading Texts

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate those. The kids have been having fun with the scripts. They love the daddy was a mummy one.

I appreciate these products. It saves me a lot of time.



Australian Assembly

This first one from a publisher I use:

Review of Australian Assembly

A short play giving a lot of information about the land down under: some history, some wildlife, some music and some facts and figures to round it all out.

This is another well-presented assembly from Sue Russell. There is the usual large cast size to accommodate a class group, with the many, small parts offset by having the two main characters who are onstage for the majority of the production. There are regular musical interludes to add interest, and any passages that contain recitation of facts, figures or histories are balanced by changing the speakers or having the characters react – I particularly liked the Swagman complaining there was too much dry information.

Since there’s so much to Australia, there is a sense that this is more of a mish-mash of facts, figures and events than some of the other assemblies. However, this idea is adopted within the piece too, with the narrator complaining that Australia is so big there’s an awful lot of information to cover.

To conclude: a bright, fast overview of a big, big country and a good introduction to a school topic.

Another very interesting assembly. I don’t know much about Australia so i learnt quite a bit as well. I like the use of British and Aussie characters to show the two sides of the argument and the history of Australia. I like the use of the Aborigines as well to give the true Australia.

Re: World Smile Day play

Yes, had a quick read through – very good and made me smile!


Yes I like it you get a lot of ideas into a short play – I like the variety with the jokes and the quotes and the proverbs from the different countries. Hope it goes well


Sue, this is so brilliant, it didn’t make me smile, it made me laugh! I love the line about happiness being perfume!!! Having quotes from all around the world adds to it as well.I would love to use this in assembly!!!!

Thank you for sending me a copy!

Roman/Celt Assembly

The assembly was fantastic and so many parents commented on it,

Many thanks

Just sending you a message to say that my class performed your Roman and Celtic assembly today and it was a triumph, so a huge thanks once again, Melanie

Roman/Celts Guided Readers

Hi Sue,

Thank-you for sending this so quickly. Will certainly take a look at your other assemblies. Fantastic website – takes the pressure out of assembly prep time!

Best wishes,

Lisa Nettleton

Spanish Assembly

You certainly do do a lot of research – this assembly has a lot of information and is just what assemblies need – when you ‘do’ a topic, you do lots of different aspects of it and this covers everything – again with new information for me.

Victorian Assembly

The Victorian assembly went extremely well, the script was excellent and the humour went down very well. The length of the assembly was just right and perfect for what I wanted.

I have used the short one and adapted it slightly for my class. They are very excited!

It’s a great service you offer – I shall be back!


Our Victorians assembly was a great success – thank you so much! Keep writing Sue!

MLK script

Hi Sue
Thanks so much for the resources, they are great! My class really enjoyed the MLk script so I will definitely be using it again.

These scripts are just brilliant – an excellent addition to the classroom! They allow the children to learn the facts whilst “in role” and participating. Learning has become dynamic. I am using the Martin Luther King script with older, sometimes disaffected students as part of their Citizenship module. Mary Davey, Hull, England

I’m an 8th grade language arts teacher who sees your work as an opportunity to work on the students’ reading skills and intergrate the curriculum at the same time.

Thanks again. I’m looking forward to St. Patrick!

Judy Campbell

What a treasure mine I happened upon when I found your site!I look forward to reviewing these scripts! Yea!
Thanks so much,
Miggie Mustian
2nd grade teacher
Maybeury Elementary
Richmond, VA Henrico County Public Schools

Yes! Please send me a copy of the Martin Luther King play. My students asked to do a readers’ theater on him, and yours is the best! Rebecca Taylor

Thank you very much for the information and also the Martin Luther King script. I am always on the look out for new sources for Readers Theatre. The students love this type of format!” (Jennifer Fenrich)

From a Student

Your website is really amazing. It’s a brilliant idea to write plays for children to act out to help them learn about history. It would be wonderful if we could do something like that at school! Most of my friends don’t really enjoy history lessons, and I think it’s mainly because we only read the textbook and listen to our teacher. Because I’m really keen on history, I don’t find the lessons boring at all, but I think that some people in class would enjoy history much more if in some of our lessons we acted out your plays! (Fiona, London)

We are going to do this play as a whole school, thanks! It is awesome! (referring to “Go Obama!“)

St. Georges Day comments from Elizabeth in Australia

We had a thoroughly wonderful St George evening. We drank mulled wine in earthenware goblets…Between the rich mixed vegetable soup and the pot-roasted beef with all sorts of trimmings, we did the plays-R-ussell (love it) play script to great acclaim. I had copied and bound and highlighted six sets of the script and made a named- headband for each character so the audience could instantly recognize who was who. Our hostess, Mary, who is north country English, made a fabulous QE2 and the host, similarly, English, played a strong Saint George. I was the narrator, Dick played Winston Churchill, Ken (the hermit) was (appropriately) John Lennon and our PickPocket took the role of Will Shakespeare. It all went down extremely well and we thank YOU very much for that. An irreverently well-written play, R- ussell!

Sue, I hope all your play scripts are received as well as this one was. Everyone was most impressed. All the best with all your future writing.

Cheers, Elizabeth

Re: Great Britain Assembly

Hi Sue,

Really enjoyed the play, it certainly incorporates the greats of Great Britain and I learnt something about how the countries came to be linked together – never knew that.

Good luck with the other plays


Christmas Spirit – The Conversion of Mrs Scrooge

Thanks for your efficient and helpful service. The christmas play looks really good and the inclusion of a word file is a great help. Fiona

Just to let you know that the assembly ‘The Conversion of Mrs Scrooge” was a great success – thanks!

Best wishes


Bonfire Night Assembly

I enjoyed Bonfire Night. Like the change of venue for the gunpowder – good for an american audience as well. Can just imagine a john travolta guy! Claire

World Cup Scripts

Goalie Courage – freebie (tribute to Green)

I must thank you for the play you sent with your email. It was perfect timing – not only with happened with the English team, of course, but for my daughter, given the “misses” (she felt) she had at her last soccer game yesterday. I actually had a read-through with her; she played the goalie’s part and I played all the others. She “got” the lesson in it, so as I said, perfect timing – and thanks!

World Cup Assembly

Just read your assembly – what a lot of information about Brazil – I wonder why!!!!!!!! It is really good, again, I learnt things about the world cup I didn’t know. I like the England fan idea, I think you get across the passion and the intensity of the need for England to win again.

Excellent stuff. Nice big part for the referee, bet all the kids will want to be the ref for once! Especially as it involves a lot of blowing of the whistle.

“The 2010 World Cup. Children will love this chance to present to the school the inside story of one of the worlds largest sporting events. Smashing”

World Cup Leavers’ Assembly

I really enjoyed the play. Some of the interplay between the characters is really funny. Think it is one of my favourites!

If I were the English Coach script.

After watching the rather half-hearted playing of the English football team I was inspired by the enthusiastic and powerful script written by the playwright Sue Russell describing what it is the England coach should have perhaps been saying to the downhearted England players in half time yesterday. The play describes the scene within the English football teams locker rooms in half time and the discussion between players and the coach on how the game is being played. The Coach is passionate, believable and inspiring, and although at first, the players are resistant to what is said to them, they are eventually persuaded by the coach as all excuses are quashed by the coaches persistent passion.

This sort of passion is what I believe to be lacking from the England team at present and I, being a passionate fan of English football myself, believe that if we were to put a passionate coach like the one described in the play into the actual English team locker room, or even the playwright herself, the lacking and needed passion may be restored in the disgruntled team we have at present, and in turn we have the privilege of watching the Excellent English team we know we are capable of having! Well done Sue Russell for creating such an excellent influential script!

English fan

Janie Smith

Once again, thank you very much.


Latest: 11.6.18 Space Assembly for Key Stage I ‘Truly amazing!! I am not sure if we can pull it off this year in time for a “Space Theme” party with parents and family, but definitely next year!! FUN!!!”

‘I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful assembly! We just performed and it was a big hit with parents and staff alike!’ – this comment received from a lovely teacher at Kew Prep School, many thanks! (Plants Assembly, KSI).

‘I downloaded from website. Love, love, love it thank you so much! I highly recommend Sue’s Plays class assemblies. They are clever, witty and the children have so much fun performing them! Sue wrote a fabulous class assembly to meet my specific title and got it to me within one day. I was overwhelmed with Sue’s quick response and attention to detail. Thank you, Phil

Follow up to performance: Just wanted to let you know that we performed our class assembly today and was a real hit! We rehearsed all day yesterday and this morning and the kids loved it! They were fabulous and the audience’s reaction was fantastic. The children had fun, laughed and danced and were brilliant. Thank you again!Phil

‘I have just read over the full script and it is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you for taking the stress out of my assembly.’

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I teach 10th graders and they loved it. I had over 90 students performing these scripts and it was great!!! I truly can’t say enough great things about these scripts.’ (2nd World War Guided Reading Scripts)

“My class start their CHINA topic after the half term so I was looking for something fun and engaging. This is most definitely it. They’ll love it! THANK YOU! Glad to see another UK seller, following you now also. You have fantastic products! x”

Thank you so much! I had a mild panic attack thinking I’d have to create a script. This site is a lifesaver!

Dear Sue, Thank you for the Maya assembly – it looks fantastic!  Just the right balance of humour and information.  It looks straight forward to present too – useful production notes. Really looking forward to (rather than dreading) my assembly now! Cheers, Kate

(re: requested Aztec script) Just ordered it thanks so much for writing it so quickly- I can rest easy over the Easter hols now and know I’ve got our assembly sorted for when we return to school!

(Anglo Saxon script) To sue. Just to say thank you for your assembly script.  The children really enjoyed performing it and it really added to what they were learning in class.

Your assembly went down really well and saved me a huge amount of time.

“I have purchased several of your ks2 assemblies before and have found them informative, entertaining and hilarious!”

“Thank you for all the fun we’ve had and the countless hours of work you have saved me”.”

It went very well, thank you! Massively popular, children, parents loved it!!! – received (10.10.14)

3.2.15 Your scripts never fail to get great feedback from parents and staff!.. the Victorian’s one went down a treat! The parents were thrilled …. Feel free to add my comments on your website – I’m very thankful to whomever it was that commented on you being in the wrong job! You’re certainly a lady of many talents! Look forward to using another one of your scripts next year! Puja Bhayani

14.10.14 “It’s been five years of amazing assemblies thanks to your great play scripts. We will keep coming back as we’ve always appreciated the wide variety of topics covered plus your willingness Sue to adapt or even create bespoke assemblies on new curriculum topics as required. You even supply the word version on request which is great for adapting to suit more/less cast or local specifics. I can’t thank you or recommend your service enough. Jeff and Lorna, Geneva, Switzerland”

29.1.2015 (Victorian Assembly)’On that note I want to say your scripts are brilliant! Last year (during my NQT) I did the henry viii assembly – using your script and parents, staff and other children found it hilarious – apparently, it was the best assembly that class had ever performed and received constant praise from staff and children! Thanks! No doubt this one will have a similar effect!’

(12.1014):AMAZING! Exactly what I needed. Well written, funny and great suggestions for music. I’m using this with a class of 31 and the suggestions for adaptations were spot on. The class love it and are super excited for our assembly on the 30th of October. Thank you

User TessaTL has written the following comment regarding “Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading, Group Readers or Readers Theater”:

We used this during our Greek Mythology Summer Camp. It was exactly what we needed.

Tudor Explorers Assembly: I can’t wait to do this with the kids next week! They are going to love it! Looking forward to having them perform their group of explorers for the class and learn something while they do it!!!

Re: Poles Apart script ‘Thanks sue. Did your poles apart last year and the girls and parents loved it. New year, new topic! Kind regards Andy’

re: “Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading, Group Readers or Readers Theater”:Thank you! My students LOVED it and are still talking about it a year later, they want to know if they can do it again!

Second World War Assembly. This from one of my Canadian customers. ‘This is a unique resource. It is hard to find relevant material for Canadian kids on WWII. Thanks, we will be using these next month’.

A Christmas Carol school play”:The kids loved it!

“Christmas Jokes for free”: Perfect! We read a few jokes or riddles every morning to start the day off with a smile!

Kids loved these. Thanks for great resources.Many thanks’ -US teacher re: Greek Myths Guided Reading Script

‘Thanks so much for such a quality script ans such amazing service’  London teacher re: Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly 2012 Olympics Assembly “The script definitely helps….you’ve saved hours of my life thankyou!”

Spanish Assembly -Thank you so much for your great play! It was a resounding success!!

June 25th re: Greek Assembly – Assembly was amazing!!! Loved by parents, staff and kids. I think you’ll be seeing a few purchases from people at our school as I’ve been telling everyone about you. Once again, fantastic – keep writing

Comment from American customer for Greek Assembly: ‘Best buy of the year!’

Schools Out Leavers Assembly:Thank you so much for the prompt sending of the script, it really is super and entertaining! Teacher’s are just like that aren’t they! It’s so helpful having a site like yours to refer to, saves so much time,Thanks again,Alison Hope

Re:  “Our Planet Guided Reading Play Scripts“: Presented these plays for parents at the end of the year!! It was AWESOME!! They loved them!!

Re: “Ancient China Class Play/Assembly”: This looks great! I can’t wait to try it with my grade 3s after we’ve learned about ancient China!

Ancient Greek Assembly “I am just writing to you to thank you for a fabulous script. Today was the day of our performance to the parents and other children of the school. It was a huge success! All attending (hall was jam packed) enjoyed the show as it was funny, witty and informative. In particular the choice of music added to the enjoyment”.  Thanks Gitta – Much appreciated.

Victoria. p.s I have been meaning to email feedback from last year when I bought ‘The Greeks’.  The children loved it and found it very funny! They especially liked Homer eating the doughnut.  I got one of children to eat a real one and the jam squirted out all over his shirt with brilliant comedy timing! I think the play will be something that my pupils and I will always fondly remember!”

Victorian Assembly “I know this production will go well as my class are loving their Victorians topic work and this assembly enhances and reinforces all that they are currently learning.   Using your scripts saves me so much time and is a godsend when we also have to organise all that goes on towards Christmas in school!  (I’m sure you are very aware!) Thanks, again Sue for all of your help.  Your personal emails are lovely and so unique in today’s internet sales market! Thanks again and no doubt I will be back for my third script soon!!  Janie.” French Vive La France Assembly “We are doing a unit on France and my children are loving the play script!!!  The music/information/etc is just so interesting/apt for the scenes. It’s cleverly written – so much information in a nutshell. It certainly makes our lives much easier. I really wish you taught at my school. Komala.” Roman/Celt Assembly “Thanks very much for the copy of your Roman play. I’m new to the juniors although I have been teaching a long time so this has been a life saver. Just sending you a message to say that my class performed your Roman and Celtic assembly today and it was a triumph, so a huge thanks once again. Melanie.” like these keep me writing!

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