Welcome to school assembiles.

School assemblies

Welcome to School Assemblies/Class Plays and smaller cast plays for Key Stages I and II

School assemblies and guided reading scripts are an essential part of the Key Stage I (KSI) and Key Stage II (KS2) curriculum. On my plays-r-ussell.com website, you will find all the plays you need to perform and read; and, with my write on request service, plenty more to come!.

A huge thank you to all my lovely customers and for your wonderful feedback – keeps me writing!


1. If you place an order and you do not receive the script as email attachment from me WITHIN 24 HOURS, please do not hesitate to contact me – do not wait any longer. I pride myself on very quick service as I know how tight teacher schedules are time wise. My email address is [email protected] – always happy to help. You can place an order via Paypal or credit card – in the case of the latter, the instruction is ‘Check out as Guest’ which takes you to the next page where you can make a card payment.

2. If you experience any difficulty in ordering the script, again – contact me immediately. Technology does not always ‘co-operate’ and I know just how frustrating it can be if you need a script NOW! Whilst ordering directly off the website is by far the easiest and quickest option, there are other options if this proves ‘overly problematic’ – so please do not give up

3. Word version of the script is available on the purchase of Performing Rights Certificate. I do not make the latter a compulsory part of the purchase process but it is much appreciated when customers show their appreciation of my scripts in this way, either at time of purchase or later.

Enjoy!   Sue

P.S. Website now updated so it should now be accessible from mobile phones and all portable devices. Hopefully ordering process easier too.