Frog Life Cycle Assembly


Frog Life Cycle Assembly



Frog Life Cycle Assembly

Change isn't always for the worst – as amply demonstrated by this assembly for Key Stage I.

Written for cast of 30, but easily adaptable up or down, there are 14 frogs, 12 tadpoles, a fish, a water beetle, a French chef …. and of course, a princess!

Duration around 10 minutes. 

Learn all about the frog's life cycle in this fun class performance.

Sample Text:

Frog 11:                And look at our jumping!

(Frogs demonstrate jumping across ‘stage’)

Narrator:             (Applauding) Fabulous!

Frog 12:                We do have very strong back legs

(Enter French chef, sharpening knives in front of him, advancing towards frogs)

French chef:       Ah! Zee finest frogs’ legs! Yum yum! My customers will be pleased!

(Narrator rushes over and shows French chef back to his seat)

Narrator:             No! No! We’ll have no violence here today!

(Exit French chef)

(Frogs let out collective sigh of relief)

Frog 13:                Phew! Thank you for that!

(Enter princess, wondering around, ‘looking for someone’)

Narrator:             Ah! A princess! Now what would she be doing in an assembly full of frogs?

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