Life Cycles Assembly The Butterfly


Life Cycles Assembly The Butterfly



Life Cycle of a Butterfly Assembly – Key Stage I (5 – 7 year olds)

Cast:7 eggs – 7 caterpillars – 7 pupae – 7 butterflies! Plus one very busy narrator!

This assembly for Key Stage I comes with a FREE set of photos taken at July Butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London. 

Duration: around 10 minutes

Cast (of 29) easily adaptable up or down

Numerous butterfly scripts available in PSHE (Key Stage II) section of website. 

These centre around butterflies and contain life lessons – hence the PSHE connection

Each around 5 – 10 minutes reading time. This does not include the discussion/question and answer session which could easily round these up to 15 – 20 minute sessions.

1.How the Butterfly Lost his Bad Temper

2.How the Butterfly Lost her Dissatisfaction

3.How the Butterfly Lost his Vanity

4.How the Butterfly Learned to Fly

5.How the Butterfly Learned to Fly Higher

The life lessons for each of these is as follows:

1.       Appreciate what you have

2.       Stop ‘wanting’/looking for more

3.       Recognising that external beauty is not everything

4.       Just do it!

5.       The importance of striving/realising your potential

The stories upon which these guided reading scripts are based are available for purchase separately or as part of a combined package (of both stories and guided reading scripts)

Also available off :

The Butterfly that Stamped – from Aesops Fables Guided Reading Collection

Reading Time:   Around 20 minutes, 6 speakers. 

Sample Text

(Enter 7 caterpillars, making loud slurping/munching/eating noises)

Narrator:             (To audience) Hmm. Something tells me this lot will never go hungry!

All 7 caterpillars:               (In horror) Hungry?

Caterpillar 1:       No! Never!

Caterpillar 2:       How could we ever get hungry?

Caterpillar 3:       When we just eat all the time!

Caterpillar 4:       We never stop!

Narrator:             I can see that! What an appetite you have!

Caterpillar 5:       Oh yes! We like our food!*

Caterpillar 6:       You try and stop us!

Narrator:             Oh I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing!

Caterpillar 7:       Nah! There’s only one thing that would stop us

Narrator:             And what would that be?

Caterpillar 7:       Being eaten up ourselves!

Narrator:             Ugh!

(All 7 caterpillars glare at Narrator)

Narrator:             (Spluttering) Oh sorry! I mean, I’m sure you’re all very tasty. But er um, what would want to eat you?

Caterpillar 1:       Birds, that’s what!

Caterpillar 2:       Horrible

Caterpillar 3:       Feathery

Caterpillar 4:       Flying

Caterpillar 5:       Creatures!

Caterpillar 6:       (Alarmed) Oh oh! I think I just spotted one!

Caterpillar 7:       Quick! To the tardis! I mean, chrysalis!


(Exit all caterpillars)

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