Space Assembly


Space Assembly



Space Assembly for Key Stage I

Cast of 30 – easily adapted up or down

Duration – 15 – 20 minutes

Fun 'romp' through Space – with astronauts and, most importantly, rocket men – who would have thought an astronaut could forget his own rocket?! All 8 planets covered – before Narrator returns to Earth!

Also available off this website: Key Stage II version of this script: The Planets. This has a lot more information – plus alien struggling to find his home planet!

Sample Text (Key Stage I Space Assembly):

Astronaut 1:    (To Narrator) Hello! Are you all right?

Narrator:         Oh (taking a seat) I think I just need a little break. (Sighing) All these space facts!

Astronaut 1:    No worries! I’m the expert on space!

Music 5 Rocket Man – Elton John

(Enter Rocket Man 1 carrying rocket)

Rocket Man 1: (To Astronaut 1) Did you forget something?

Astronaut 1:    Ah thank you! Won’t get far without my rocket, here!

Rocket Man 1: Where are you going?

Astronaut 1:    To Mercury!

(Astronaut fastens helmet, taking seat in/in front of rocket)

Rocket Man 1:             (Chanting) 5 4 3 2 1 Blast off!

(Exit Rocket Man 1 and Astronaut I, plus rocket, waving)

Music 6 Mercury – The Planets (Holst)

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