Spring Assembly


Spring Assembly



Spring Assembly

This is the first of a series of Seasons Assemblies. This first one covers 20 plus 'first signs of spring' and includes a reference to the first chapter of Wind in the Willows, with Mole and Rat extolling the joys of the riverbank!

Cast of 30 (easily adaptable up or down) It is suggested that the class teacher takes the role of narrator.

Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes including poems and music suggestions

Sample Text:

(Young animals ‘run rings around’ Narrator who gets increasingly exasperated)

Narrator:         (Sighing) Huh! I was forgetting those young animals!

(Narrator jumping out of their way)

Narrator:         Oh dear! Is it just me or does it suddenly seem a bit crowded around here?

Mother Rabbit:           But didn’t you say, you loved Spring?

Narrator:         Oh yes! But ..

(Bunnies and lambs keep jumping up at Narrator)

Narrator:         (To Mother Rabbit and Mother Sheep) Could you not keep your offspring under slightly better control?

(Mother Rabbit and Mother Sheep ‘round up’ their offspring and return to their seats, scowling)

Narrator:         Oh dear! And there I was saying how much I loved Spring! But it’s not just about baby animals, you know!

(Enter Child 6 dressed as Mole and Child 7 as Rat)

Narrator:         Ah! Two of my favourite characters from The Wind in the Willows!

Mole:               (Bowing) I’m Mole! Very pleased to meet you!

Rat:                  And I’m Rat! Known as Ratty to my friends 


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