Winter Assembly


Winter Assembly



Winter Assembly for Key Stage One

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down

Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes. This length can be extended by the addition of suggested poems.

Brrrr! …. surely there's a bit more to be said about winter than this?! Well, if left to our cast it would just be the sound of snoring – any excuse to follow the lead of that hibernating hedgehog. Fortunately, you can always rely on a bit of Disney to revive flagging spirits – plus some snowball fights and a few words from our rockin robin!

This is one of a set of plays on The Seasons – all available as separate purchases.

Sample Text

(Enter group of children all dressed in winter clothes)

Child 23 – 27:  (Together) We’re all warm!

Narrator:         And how is that?

Child 23:          I have a warm woolly hat!

Child 24:          I have a warm woolly scarf!

Child 25:          I have warm woolly gloves!

Child 26:          I have warm woolly socks and welly boots!

Child 27:          And we all have

Child 23 – 27:  Warm woolly coats to keep us warm!

(Exit group of children)

Narrator:         Hmm! Warm and woolly seems to work!

Music 5 Rockin Robin – Michael Jackson

(Enter Robin/Child 28 dancing to song that is sung by rest of the cast)

Narrator:         (Applauding) Well, that was very upbeat!

(To robin)       You don’t seem to have any problems with the cold weather!

Robin:              Well, it’s not always easy, you know! And I am always grateful to those kind people that leave me food out in their gardens!

Narrator:         Well, you are our favourite national bird

Robin:              And those Christmas cards just wouldn’t be the same without me, right?

Narrator:         Right!

(Exit Robin)

(Sound of loud snoring, from the cast)

Narrator:         Hey! What’s going on?

Music 6 All I have to do is dream – Everly Brothers

(Optional excerpt – first couple of bars)

(Enter very sleepy hedgehog/Child 29)

Hedgehog:       (Rubbing eyes) Oh! Where’s my bed? I must have sleepwalked off, by mistake!

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