Chinese New Year School Assembly


Chinese New Year School Assembly


Chinese New Year School Assembly 

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Cast of 30 – easily as adaptable up or down

Who would have thought that 12 animals could be so different? But all they have connecting them is, after all, just one thing – Chinese astrology! Meet all 12 and make your own mind up whether you were born into the correct year! 

This script was written in 2009 which obviously impacts on years/dates chosen. The animal characteristics stay the same over the course of time but some the years/dates may need 'tweaking' to bring up to date.

Sheep:                  How kind! (Pauses) Ooh, I'm so sorry. Did I speak out of turn?

Pig:                         Not at all, sweet sheep! It's nice to know I'm not the only peace-loving animal around here.

Rooster:               Meaning precisely what, may I ask?

Ox:                         Meaning that some of you are far too quick to take offence! You should stay calm, like me!

Tiger:                     Whilst the rest of us die of boredom!

Dragon:                Oh please! Enough of this common bickering! It really is so tiresome!

Monkey:              I agree! Think of all the energy you are wasting, when you could be doing something productive – like inventing things?

Rat:                        Or solving problems – like, how are we going to get through the rest of this assembly without all of us falling out?


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