Chocolate Assembly adapted for Easter


Chocolate Assembly adapted for Easter


Chocolate Assembly adapted for Easter

This assembly is for teachers who have studied chocolate as a theme with their children and wish to combine this with some Easter eggs!

The content is the same as for the Chocolate Assembly but with the addition of Easter eggs and some very bad jokes (20 in fact).

Cast of 30 though easily adaptable up or down.

Duration around 15 – 20 minutes.

This script on Chocolate covers all subjects of the curriculum i.e. it's a class theme. And how can it not be a popular one when there are so many of everyone's favourite indulgence in it – CHOCOLATES!

While covering a few of these (make that 32 – and that doesn't cover the box contents!) there is ample coverage of chocolate's 2,000 year old history – way back to the ancient Mayan culture, .. and not forgetting the amazing Mr Cadbury of course! 

As chocolate is 'the class theme' there are cross curricular links – covering all primary school subjects – this great challenge rewarded by a generous dose of …. you've guessed! Chocolate!

Sample Text

Child 1:                        Eggs have always been associated with new life.

Child 2:                        And the idea of new life is celebrated by Christians in relation to Jesus rising from the dead.

Child 3:                        Eggs cracking open relates to the empty tomb opening at Easter.

Child 4:                        Jesus’ resurrection representing the triumph of life over death.

Child 5:                        Then there’s that Easter bunny.

Child 6:                        Rabbits have been associated with springtime since ancient times.

Child 7:                        The Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring, Eostre, had as a companion a hare!

Child 8:                        Hares were said to symbolise fertility and re-birth.

Child 9:                        The hare was later changed by Christians to the Easter bunny.

Child 10:                      And way before Christianity, eggs were painted with bright colours to celebrate spring sunshine.

Child 11:                      Here are a few that we have done ourselves.

(All or a few of the cast can come forward with eggs they have painted)

Head:                           Eggsxellent! (Laughing) Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!

Child 12:                      Huh! You think that’s funny? Wait til you hear our jokes. Come on people, let’s yoke it!

Child 13:                      What do you call an egg-carrying rabbit that jumps off a bridge? (Pauses) An Easter Bungee!

Child 14:                      What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? (Pauses) Hot cross bunny!

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