New Year Assembly based on Character


New Year Assembly based on Character


New Year Assembly based on Character – What it Takes to Be Good!

Cast Size Written for a class of 30 but this number can be easily adapted up or down.

Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes reading time (not including music)

This assembly is a class appraisal of one of their mates – needless to say, a very popular, much loved one! It deals with 'what qualities maketh the man' – or boy in this case; though that is not to say a girl cannot, of course, equally be put forward as a class role model!

In addition to this 'list' of positive character traits, there are also a selection of quotations – and the optional inclusion of If – Rudyard Kipling with the suggestion that this poem be adapted to the qualities covered in the assembly.

There is a Christmas version of this script; and a general PSHE one – both available off the website (in Christmas and PSHE Assembly sections)

Sample Text:

Music 1 Proud – Heather Small

Class Teacher: (To Class) Well children! Good morning and Happy New Year! You’ll be pleased to hear I have a delightful little task for you this morning – just to set us up nicely for the year ahead!

                        (To Child 1) So I need you

(Turns to whole cast) And the rest of you

To think about what makes a good person!

Children 1 – 29:          (Together) What?

Class Teacher: OK. Let me explain. If you were to create the perfect person – a real role model for the rest of the world – what qualities would they have?

Child 1:            Easy! To be just like me!

(Whole cast laughs)

Class Teacher: (Tutting) Now, really! A bit of seriousness, please. After all, I am trying to turn you all into model citizens, here!

Child 2:            Whoa! You’ve got your work cut out with this lot, Miss!

Class Teacher: (Muttering) Hmm. You might just have a point there! But no! I won’t be put off! I’m sure every one of you today can come up with something simply splendid!

                        (To Child 1) Have another go!

Child 1:            Ummm

Class Teacher: Oh come along! Just one! Surely you can manage that!

Child 1:            (Looking at rest of cast) I know! Having lots of friends!

(Whole cast cheers)

Class Teacher: OK. Let’s work on that.

(To rest of cast) Ask yourselves the question, why do you all like him?

Child 2:            He makes us laugh!

Child 3:            He’s always positive. Always looking on the bright side!

Child 4:            He always has something nice to say – either a compliment or something reassuring if I’m worried about something.

Child 5:            Yes, he’s always full of good advice. And yet, he still finds time to listen to your point of view.

Child 6:            He’s smart enough to know he’s not always right.

Child 7:            And strong enough to say sorry when he gets it wrong.

Child 8:            But he’s no push over. He knows his own mind and if he believes strongly in something, nothing and nobody will stop him from speaking out.

Child 9:            Yes, he’s certainly pretty brave. I’ve seen him stand up to bullies twice his size!

Child 10:          You know you can always rely on Toby!

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