New Year Assembly


New Year Assembly


New Year Assembly: New Beginnings

Cast size of 10 or 30 (easily adjustable)

Duration:  15 – 25 minutes (15 mins reading time, plus music)

This is a light-hearted romp through ‘making changes/new beginnings’ and is packed full of yokes – sorry, jokes! (Eggs are a central theme to this assembly!)

NB Please Note: I was asked by a teacher to write a second New Year script – he had used the New Year Resolutions script last year – and, as I had just been looking at my Easter scripts for next year (2016) I decided to use the 'farmyard fowl' characters as they were so much fun to work with. Having looked at two of the Easter scripts – Easter Egg Hunt (KSII) and The Missing Easter Eggs, I decided to take extracts from both to create this one script for the New Year – the theme of  'eggs' tied in nicely with 'new beginnings/fresh starts'. I mention this as I would not want anyone to purchase these two aforementioned Easter scripts, having bought the New Year Assembly, as you will find they are remarkably similar! If you buy the New Year Assembly and want a different script for Easter (other than the Easter Story which is based on the Bible story) – please let me know!

Also now available: New Year Assembly Based on Character – What it Takes to Be Good!

Sample Text:



Funny Bunny               

Clumsy Chicken

Tactless Turkey

Grumpy Goose

Daft Duck

Feisty Pheasant

Greedy Guinea Fowl

Sad Swan

Envious Emu

‘Onourable Ostrich


Child 1 – 19

Music 1 Bright Eyes

Narrator:                     Good morning! And welcome to our New Year Assembly on

Whole cast:                (Shouting together) New beginnings!

Narrator:                     Ah yes! Spring is just around the corner and 

(Enter Feisty Pheasant, Clumsy Chicken holding basket of eggs, Tactless Turkey, Grumpy Goose and Daft Duck)

Narrator:                     As you all know, eggs (pointing to Clumsy Chicken’s basket) represent new beginnings and that is precisely what we’re going to be talking about today!

Whole cast:                No probs!

Narrator:                     (To Feisty Pheasant) I am leaving you in charge of this lot – to make sure they make their ‘fresh starts’.

Grumpy Goose:          (Grumbling) But I tried that last New Year’s Eve! All those New Year resolutions – I got sick of them within minutes!

Tactless Turkey:          I seem to remember saying to you at the time you were wasting your time!

Narrator:                     Well, I won’t have you wasting mine! We can all find it within ourselves to make those necessary changes – to make us into better birds!

Clumsy Chicken:         (Doubtfully) Oh, I don’t know. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a lost cause!

Daft Duck:                   Ah, don’t be so chicken!

Feisty Pheasant:         (To Daft Duck) And don’t you be such a wise quacker!

Grumpy Goose:          Just listen to them! All think they’re so smart! They just can’t see themselves for what they are!

Narrator:                     Or who they are perhaps? Would you all mind introducing yourselves?

Feisty Pheasant:         Certainly! Allow me to introduce you to my fellow fowl! This is

(Each bird steps forward in turn, announcing his/her name with appropriate bow or curtsey)

Clumsy Chicken:         (Tripping) Oops! I’m Clumsy Chicken!

Tactless Turkey:                      As if they couldn’t have worked that one out for themselves!

Feisty Pheasant:         (Coughing) Ahem! Stick to the script please! And you are?

Tactless Turkey:                      Tactless Turkey!

Feisty Pheasant:         (Aside) Figures! (Prodding Grumpy Goose) And you?

Grumpy Goose:          (Grumbling) Grumpy Goose!  There had better be a good reason for interrupting my afternoon nap! Always someone making a song and dance about something around here! (Tutting) Talk            about no peace for the wicked!

Daft Duck:                   Now, now, Grumpy Goose! You know what we’ve all told you about trying to be cheerful at least once a day!

Tactless Turkey:          Huh! It sure comes easier to some than to others! Course, having a name like Daft Duck is always going to help!

Daft Duck:                   And very proud of it I am, too! There are far worse things to be called in life, I can assure you!

Feisty Pheasant:         That’s the spirit! Oh! And I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Feisty Pheasant! You could say – the life and soul of the party!

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