Canada Assembly


Canada Assembly



Canada Assembly

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With cast including grumpy Grizzly Bear, belligerent beaver, couple of very loud Canadian Geese and an extremely 'mouthy moose' (jokes should come with public health warning) it's just as well there's a Lumberjack on hand to help out our, as ever, severely challenged narrator!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down

Duration – around 10 to 15 minutes including music

Sample Text:   Canadian Goose 2:          (To Goose 1) Let’s take ourselves off to somewhere where we will be appreciated!

(Exit both geese)

Narrator:             Phew! Not sorry to lose that noise!

(Enter Moose – Child 3)

Moose:                Lose a goose – and gain a moose! Greetings everyone!

(Moose takes a sweeping bow)

Moose:                Oops!

(Moose bends over and adjusts ‘stockings’/leg markings)

Moose:                (Smiling) Just a wee adjustment to my stocking, there!

Narrator:             Stocking? What kind of moose are you? Not a panto moose, I hope?

Moose:                No! No! Though would you like to take a guess at what I always order at my local Greek restaurant?

                                (Pauses) A Moose – aka!

(Whole cast laughs)

Narrator:             (Aside to Audience) Oh dear! Just when I thought we were coming to the end of this assembly … and I get stuck with this joker!

Moose:                (To cast) Do you want to hear another one?

(Whole cast cheers)

Moose:                OK. So, what do you do to make a hunter jump?

                                (Pauses) You creep up and shout ..’Cari-boo!’

(Whole cast laughs)

Narrator:             Cari-boo?

Moose:                Oh? Have you not heard of my relative, the Caribou?

                                (Tutting) Deer! Deer!

                                (To cast) Get it? Dear? Dear? From the deer family? 

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