Chocolate Assembly


Chocolate Assembly

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Chocolate Assembly

Chocolate Assembly is a script on Chocolate covers all subjects of the curriculum i.e. it’s a class theme. And how can it not be a popular one when there are so many of everyone’s favourite indulgence in it – CHOCOLATES!

While covering a few of these (make that 32 – and that doesn’t cover the box contents!) there is ample coverage of chocolate’s 2,000 year old history – way back to the ancient Mayan culture, .. and not forgetting the amazing Mr Cadbury of course!

As chocolate is ‘the class theme’ there are cross curricular links – covering all primary school subjects – this great challenge rewarded by a generous dose of …. you’ve guessed! Chocolate!

I’m guessing of all my assemblies this one will go down best with both cast and audience!

Don’t miss out!

Chocolate Assembly  Cast of 30 though easily adaptable up or down. Duration around 15 – 20 minutes.

Chocolate Assembly Sample Text:

Child 2:            (To Head) And I believe you have a box or two, hidden away, for your staff?

(Head turns to Music Teacher)

Head:               Oops! It seems our secret is out!

Child 2:            No secret! We only had to look at all the weight our teachers were putting on!

(Head reluctantly hands box of Roses chocolates to Child 2)

Child 2:            Thank you! Ah! (Rubbing tummy) That’s better!

Head:               (Grunting) Don’t tell me! This is the P.S.H.E. part!

Child 2:            Correct!

Whole cast:     (Rubbing tummies) Chocolate makes you feel so good!

Child 3:            And then there are all those lovely colours, flavours and pretty wrappers. Take this box of Cadburys Roses for example.

(Each child holds up the sweet they are naming)

Child 4:            Strawberry Dream!

Child 5:            Golden Barrel!

Child 6:            Tangy Orange Crème!

Child 7:            Brazilian Darkness!

(Child 8 walks over and takes a box of Milk Tray from protesting Head; the opened box is then offered to Child 9 – 12 in turn, calling out names as they take them)

Child 9:            Strawberry Temptation!

Child 10:          Caramel Softy!

Child 11:          Orange Truffle!

Child 12:          Apple Crunch!

(Child 13 runs over to Head teacher, grabs box of Heroes, and runs length of stage/width of hall and back, shouting out names)

Child 13:          And then there’s Heroes! Fudge, Crème Egg, Dairy Milk Caramel, Dairy Milk, Cadbury Éclair, Cadbury Wispa, Cadbury Twirl

(Child 13 returns to chair, with box)

Head:               Did someone say ‘Cadbury’?

(Whole Cadbury group, Child 1 – 13, cheers)

(Child 23 goes over to Head and takes from him, protesting, a box of Celebrations; then walking up and down in time to the music)

Music 3 Celebration – Kool and the Gang

(Whole cast ‘dance’ in their seats, with Music Teacher dancing centre stage)

(Child 23 returns to seat)

(Head teacher strides over, with hands raised)

Head:               Stop! Really! Was this the only music you could come up with? What about … well, something Classical?

(Music Teacher beckons to Child 7, who removes outer garments to reveal ballet costume; and dances to following music)

Music 4 Dance of the Mirlitons – Nutcracker – Tchaikovsky

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Please note: The script is available in word document format on purchase of Performing Rights Certificate. The scripts remain free of performance rights for staging in the class room but as an assembly in front of a non-paying audience you need to buy a single Performance Rights Certificate to cover you for the play you are purchasing.

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