Holland Assembly


Holland Assembly



Holland Assembly

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Cast of 30 (easily adapted up or down); duration around 15 minutes.

In this assembly, the narrator plus supporting cast are joined by a rather famous artist – none too happy to have his work handed out for free! Read on to find out why this Van Gogh had every right to feel like he'd just lost a winning lottery ticket!

This is one of a set of scripts Sue Russell has written on different countries (Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Australia, France, Spain, Malta, India, Africa)

Sample Text:

Music 1 Tulips from Amsterdam – Max Bygraves

(Children file in, sitting down in two rows of fifteen, facing the audience)

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

Whole Cast:    (Together) The Netherlands!

(Narrator looks puzzled, checking his notes)

Narrator:         Now, wait a minute! I have (reading) ‘Welcome to our assembly on’ (pauses) ‘Holland’ written here. (Looking around) Am I in the right place?

Child 1:           You certainly are!

Narrator:         (Spluttering) But … (pointing at notes)

Child 1:           Yes, I can see you have ‘Holland’ written down there; and granted it is a little confusing. But that’s just because we have two names! Foreigners tend to refer to our country as Holland but we call ourselves

Whole Cast:    (Together) The Netherlands!

Child 2:           Neder being the Dutch word for low

Child 3:           And Landen meaning lands.

Narrator:         (A little huffily) Well, I’m glad we’ve cleared that up! (Coughing to himself) Not the most promising of starts!

(Addressing Cast)

                        Anything else you need to tell me?

Child 4:           Well, I suppose you know why we call ourselves Dutch?

Narrator:         As opposed to Netherlandish or Hollandish? Please explain!

Child 4:           The word Dutch comes from the German word Deutsch meaning Germany. You see, the majority of us have German blood; though we tend to refer to ourselves as Nederlanders.

Narrator:         (Stroking his/her chin) Hmm. I’m thinking we need a little historical background here.

Child 5:           OK. So our land was first inhabited by Celtic and Germanic tribes.

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