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India Assembly



India Assembly

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Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down

This cast (should that be caste?!) is anything but equal with the appearance of three gods – two with 4 arms and the other with 4 heads – which one is the narrator supposed to address?

Just one of the many problems facing our narrator – the main one being sheer volume of music, colour, joy and .. well everything that makes India such a vibrant country!

Duration – minimum 10 minutes reading time – this, as explained in Production Notes, could be increased to 30 minutes plus.

One of a collection of Indian scripts:

Divali and the Story of Rama & Sita (as a play within a play – a little like Midsummer Nights Dream!)

plus scripts on Gandhi and on the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Sample Text:

Music 2

(Shiva dances across ‘the stage’)

(Narrator tries to stop him but is confused by the number of arms – four)

Narrator:         Er, em, excuse me … but who are you and what are you doing?

Shiva:               What am I doing? Isn’t it obvious? I’m dancing, of course!

Narrator:         Well, I think we can all see that. But who are you?

Shiva:               (Exploding) Who am I? Who am I?

Narrator:         Well, if you put it like that – yes, who are you?

(Whole cast gasps in horror)

(Child 7 goes over to Narrator)

Child 7:            (Aside) Surely you know who this is?

Narrator:         (Irritably) Well, do you really think I’d be asking if I did?

Child 7:            It’s Shiva – the Destroyer!

(Narrator gasps)

Narrator:         Oh no! Not that god with the power of life and death?

Child 7:            That’s the one!

Narrator:         (To Shiva) Oh I am most dreadfully sorry! I had no idea that it was you, Shiva!

Shiva:               Oh I’ll forgive you! I guess I do look (waving arms around) pretty ‘armless!

Narrator:         Well, I wouldn’t say that! I mean, I think I counted … four arms?

Shiva:               Oh that’s nothing! When you compare it with number of names I have!

Narrator:         And they are? (Holds up fingers to start counting on) Now, let’s see. Starting with Shiva …

Shiva:               Er, I don’t think we have time to run through the others – there are over one thousand of them!

Narrator:         Oh, how very confusing! Can I suggest we stick with Shiva for now?

Shiva:               That’s just fine with me! Course, I’ll also answer to Lord of the Dance, if you prefer?

Narrator:         Yes, I do prefer that to your other title

Shiva:               You mean, the Destroyer?

(Whole cast gasps and recoils in horror)

Narrator:         Hmm. I don’t think that one’s a very popular choice around here!

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