Malta Assembly


Malta Assembly



Malta Assembly

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Cast of 30, approximate duration 10-15 minutes.

This assembly on Malta focuses primarily on the country's history, with the opening question of how such a tiny country can have had such an important part to play in two world wars? It is a story of great courage as shown by an entire population – duly rewarded with the George Cross in 1942 by King George VI.

Sample Text:

Narrator:         So what role did Malta play in the war?

Child 8:           The vital role of disrupting enemy supply lines. Malta was the base for ships and submarines, attacking Italian and German supply ships.

Child 9:           This bravery came at a price. At a very high price.

Child 10:         Between 1940 and 1942 Malta became the most bombed spot on the planet.

Child 11:         Over 3,000 German and Italian air bombing raids took place.

Child 12:         In April 1942 7,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped on Malta.

Child 13:         This was more than was dropped on London throughout the whole war.

Child 14:         Over 30,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged

Child 15:         And 1,500 Maltese died in these attacks.

Child 16:         In recognition of this huge sacrifice, the George Cross was awarded on 15th April 1942

Child 17:         In July 1943 Malta became the operational headquarters and air support base for Operation Husky

Child 18:         The code name for the Allied Invasion of Sicily which led to the surrender of the Italian Navy

Child 19:         On September 8th

Child 20:         The same day as that Great Siege ended 398 years earlier!

Narrator:         Wow! Now that’s a history to celebrate!

Child 21:         Proving you do not need to be a Super Power to influence the course of history!

Child 22:         This one small country took on giants

Child 23:         And won!

Narrator:         Bit of a David and Goliath type story! Amazing! What an inspiration to the rest of the world. Some important lessons to be learnt – from the courage and sheer gritty determination of one small nation


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