Mini World Cup Leavers Assembly


Mini World Cup Leavers Assembly



Mini World Cup Leavers Assembly (no performing rights required on short assemblies)

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NB This is a very short assembly, just covering the 8 previous winners . Longer 20 minute assemblies also available under 'World Cup Assembly' and 'World Cup Leavers' Assembly' from same section of website.

Sample Text

(Fans take up aggressive postures)

Narrator:             (Blowing whistle) Enough! You are all winners!

(Sound of loud groans from Italian team, all bent over double; Italian fan rushes over to find out the problem and then comes back to the narrator)

Italian Fan:          Bad news, I'm afraid. It would seem our team had some dodgy pasta last night – they won't be up to playing.

(Loud groans from French team, all bent double; French fan rushes over and back again)

French Fan:        It would seem the same fate has befallen our team. Only it was dodgy frogs legs.

(Loud groans from Brazilian team, bent double; Brazilian fan rushes over and back)

Brazilian fan:      Can you believe it? Our team is out of it, too! Those Brazilian nuts were definitely off!

Narrator:             Which just leaves the English team!

(Presents World Cup to the ‘captain' – all stand and cheer; then captain steps forward)

English Captain:                Thank you! Thank you! It is a wonderful feeling to raise the Cup! Too many years have passed since Bobby Moore did this, back in 1966! But it would never do to take the cup in such circumstances. So if the other teams' captains would kindly step forward

(Captains of Brazil, Italy and France come and stand next to him)

English Captain:                Let us hold up this great Cup together – in celebration of world football!

Narrator:             What a fine gesture! And what a great way to end this Assembly. Let us hope you all carry this same generosity of spirit with you, wherever you go. And who knows, maybe one day, you might be responsible for bringing that World Cup home.

(All cheer, English team singing "It's coming home, It's coming home, It's coming – Football's coming home")

Music 4 Chorus from Three Lions – English fans' unofficial anthem for the 1998 World Cup

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