Olympic Games Assembly for Key Stage I


Olympic Games Assembly for Key Stage I



Olympic Games Assembly for Key Stage I

This assembly or class play on The Olympics is based on class size 30 but number of parts can easily be adjusted up or down. A list of 'host nations' is included, which could provide some fun art activities in making/painting  national flags; but the main focus is on the sports being played out this year in London 2012. There are plenty of 'performance' opportunites re: demonstration of these different sports but, as with the list of suggested songs/music, the script should be regarded as a starting point – it is there to be tailored to  the needs of individual classes. 

Sample Text:

(All ‘nations’ sit down)

Homer:            (Spluttering) Wh.. wh… what is going on here?

Narrator:         Don’t tell me you’re speechless, Homer? That would be a first!

Homer:            But who are these people?

Narrator:         Weren’t you listening? These countries have all held the Olympic Games. And that’s not including all the hundreds of different countries that have taken part!

(Enter Rower)

Rower:             And what about all the different sports we now do?

(Recitation of Olympic Ode Chorus by whole cast – see Production Notes)

(Enter Water Sports Children, plus Swimmer)

Rower:             There are all the water sports.  I row a boat! And I like winning backwards!

Water Sports children:            (Together) It’s fun in the water!

Canoeist:         Canoeing!

Sailor:              Sailing!

Windsurfer:     Windsurfing!

Water Polo Player:      And playing water polo!

Swimmer:        Watch me swim!

Diver:              Watch me dive!

Synchronized Swimmer:         Watch me dancing in the water!

(Exit Water Sports Children)

(Enter Gymnast)

Gymnast:         Well, we don’t all need water! Watch me perform my gymnastics!           

(Exit Gymnast)

 (Enter Sostratos)

Sostratos:        Looks a bit tame to me! No boxing? No wrestling?

(Recitation of Olympic Ode Chorus)

(Enter Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo and Weightlifting Olympians)

Boxer:              Watch me boxing!

Wrestler:         Watch me wrestling!

Judo Olympian:           Watch me performing Judo!

Taekwondo Olympian:            And me, Taekwondo!

Weightlifter:   Watch me lift these weights!

(Exit Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo and Weightlifting Olympians)

(Enter Leonidas)

Leonidas:         Huh! And what about running? There’s no way this lot would keep up with me!

(Enter Athletes)

Athletes:          (Together) We would!

Narrator:         And just look at what else they can do!

High Jumper:   See how high I can jump!

Long Jumper:  See how far I can jump!

Discus Thrower:          Watch me throw the discus!

Javelin Thrower:         Watch me throw the javelin!

Shot Put Thrower:       Watch me throw the shot put!

Hammer Thrower:      Watch me throw the hammer!

(Recitation of Olympic Ode Chorus)

(Exit Athletes)

(Enter Kallipateira)

Kallipateira: Huh! But I don’t see any horses! You should have seen our chariot races!

(Enter Equestrian Team)

Rider 1:           Well, our horses may not race but look how well behaved they are!

Rider 2:           And look how well they jump!

(Exit Equestrian Team)

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