Bonfire Night School Assembly


Bonfire Night School Assembly


Bonfire Night School Assembly or Class Play

Bonfire Night School Assembly is a short assembly, celebrating Bonfire Night, teams Guy Fawkes up with the local fireworks – helping each other out …. with their annual ordeal!

Bonfire Night Assembly – The Hidden Gunpowder

Duration: 5-10 mins (up to 15 minutes with optional inclusion of Safety Guidelines, as dictated by ‘Fireworks’)

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Cast (in order of appearance)


Fireworks 1-9

Sparklers (5)

Bangers (5)

Catherine Wheels (5)

Rockets (5)

(See Production Notes at the end for cast numbers and alternative/additional music suggestions)

Music 1 – Royal Fireworks Music – Handel

(Music 1 as background music while children file in)

Narrator:             Good morning! And welcome to our Bonfire Night Assembly!

(Everyone slouching, with miserable expressions)

Firework 1:         So. Here we are again.

Firework 2:         Same thing every year.

(All Fireworks demonstrate a firework exploding into the air, creating a magnificent display, then dying)

All Fireworks:     (Together) Voompf! Pow! Zap! Fizzle …..

Firework 3:         And then it’s all over ….. for another year.

Narrator:             Hey! What’s going on here? Or rather, what’s not going on here? I’ve never seen such a sorry looking bunch of fireworks!

Firework 4:         Huh! You want to try being a 30 second wonder!

Firework 5:         It’s just not fair! All we’re asking for is a decent amount of party time!

Firework 4:         I mean, who can enjoy themselves in 30 seconds?

Firework 5:         That’s no party!

(Enter Guy Fawkes)

Narrator:             Ah! Mr. Guy Fawkes! Welcome! Perhaps you can cheer this miserable lot up!

Fawkes:               What? They’re not  moaning again, are they?

(Turns to Narrator)

You know something? I get this every year – it’s a wonder they ever ignite!

Narrator:             That’s what I was thinking!

Fawkes:               Anyone would think they had a hard life! Now, take me for example. Just look at what I have to put on? Just the oldest, shabbiest clothes nobody else would be seen dead in!

Firework 6:         And when you consider the number of people who come to see you ….

Firework 7:         Even if it is just to gawp at you burning up on top of that bonfire ….

Firework 8:         It just isn’t right.

Firework 9:         He should be given a decent suit to wear!

Fawkes:               Too right! Why should I be dressed up like a scarecrow when I’m the main attraction?

All Fireworks:     (Together, angrily) Now wait a minute!

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